Rare Skull Badge From Scream For Sale

downthetubes contributor Ian Wheeler is delving into his personal collection of Doctor Who and comics memorabilia to offer some unique items on ebay.

Says Ian: ‘Like everyone else, I am feeling the pinch at the moment. I am therefore reluctantly selling a very treasured item in the form of the free ‘glow in the dark’ skull badge which was given way with Scream! comic issue 3 in the early 80s. It’s rarer than most of the comics.’ The badge is ebay item 230487466350.

Also on sale is the very first issue of the Dark Horse UK Star Wars comic from 1992 with free gift still attached (230487460943), the very rare David Tennant Radio Times special which was only available by mail order (230486634841) and rare Doctor Who production office paperwork from the 80s which was sent out to enquirers (230487392718.).

More items should be added soon.

Update 15 June – the badge is proving quite a talking point on the forum of the excellent Scream! website Back from the Depths!!
Update 16 June – turns out the skull badge is not from Scream! after all! A number of contributors to back from the depths seemed to have a sort of collective folk memory that the badge had indeed been given away with Scream! Then I remembered – it was in fact from Spike comic issue 4!! In the interests of fairplay, I’ve withdrawn the item from sale for the time being.

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