Rare Tintin figure sketches annotated by creator Hergé, offered at auction today

Going under the hammer soon today are four original sketches credited to Tintin creator Hergé, and four albums, on offer in Hawleys Fine Art & Antiques May Sale.

The lot description reads: “Hergé: Four original sketches by Belgium artist Hergé along with four comic books from the 40s and 50s ‘On a Marche sur la Lune’, ‘Le Tresor Rackham Le Rouge’, ‘Objectif Lune’ and ‘The secret of the Unicorn’ two of which with signatures from Hergé which were signed in person in 1953 (Le Tresor Rackham Le Rouge and The secret of the Unicorn).From the family of the recipient of the signed book.”

Hergé’s signed messages are dated 1953 the four rather stiff, tentative, tracing-like character ‘sketches’… showing characters with a base or support behind them, as if designed to be stand-up figures.

Tintin experts have confirmed the notes are in Hergé’s hand, the art perhaps rather “stiff” because they were intended as guides for figures.

They are definitely the work of Hergé Studios, Hergé’s comments correcting previous sketches produced by someone else.

“The doodles at the margins of the pages definitely look like Herge’s,” notes Tintin fan Adam A.Weller on Facebook, “especially Dupond and Dupont (Thomson and Thompson), also the quick sketch of all the figures collected together.

“I think one thing is certain. There is no fakery or deception involved,” feels comic creator David Hine. “The material certainly came from the Hergé studio and they are fascinating artefacts.

“Someone is going to have a lovely item for their collection, just sadly not me,” says Tintin expert Simon Doyle. “The 1952 signed copy of Unicorn in English is probably worth the estimate, never mind the other stuff.”

The bidding is currently at £3200. The auction lot is here and bidding looks fierce.

UPDATE: The final sale price was £22,500.

The auction also has a wide range of other items on offer, all up for sale today, including three 2002 Product Enterprise battery operated Daleks offered as one lot, rare early Disney records, a lot that includes almost 300 vintage British comics from the 1940s and 50s, including Eagle and The Beano, annuals (over more than one lot) and more.

With thanks to Paul Gravett, Simon Doyle and David Roach

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