Johnny Red: Red Devil Rising!

Johnny Red Volume 2: Red Devil Rising

Continuing the adventures of Britain’s best-loved aerial combat pilot, Johnny Redburn, Titan Books releases Johnny Red – Red Devil Rising at the end of the month in the UK (27th January).

This is the second hardback volume reprinting the classic story from Battle by Tom Tully and Joe Colquhoun and includes a feature by comics legend Garth Ennis (The Boys, Preacher, War Stories).

After being discharged from the RAF for striking an officer, Johnny Redburn takes to the skies in a stolen Hurricane. He then meets the Falcon Squadron of the 5th Soviet Air Brigade and begins his fight against Germany from the other side of the Iron Curtain.

“This book feels like a historical document and yet it reads like the best of any boy’s fiction in any genre. Buy this book and enjoy the authenticity amidst the thrills,” said Weekly Crisisof the first volume in the series.

Johnny Red is part of the series of hardback editions collecting the most popular storylines from British boys’ war comic, Battle. Also available are Johnny Red: Falcons First Flight (Johnny Red Volume 1); The Best of Battle Volume 1; Charley’s War Volumes 1-8, Hitler’s Youth bring the most recent; and Darkie’s Mob: The Secret War of Joe Darkie.

Coming soon are the first volumes of Major Eazy, drawn by Carlos Ezquerra, and Rat Pack.

Johnny Red – Red Devil Rising (Johnny Red Volume 2) is on sale 27th January 2012 in the UK. ISBN: 9781848560345

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