Reviving The Driver

YouTube fan ‘thegreyman’ has put a strip from the 1980s version of Toxic! (not to be confused with Egmont’s TOXIC of today) and put it to music.

Written and drawn by Jeremy Banx and David Leach the greyman says he originally wanted to put the comic to the song ‘Hell Trucker’ by Gama Bomb “but it turned out to be far too long for just the one tune”.

The music used is instead is Meanstreak – “Road Kill”; Gama Bomb – “Hell Trucker”; and Thanatos – “Speed Kills”.

Banx is currently a cartoonist for the Financial Times and working on an animated mini-series The Many Deaths of Norman Spittal, while David Leach now works in the comics department of Titan Magazines alongside Steve White, Ned Hartley and others.

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