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With the imminent arrival of Yesterday’s Tomorrows in bookshops, collecting, among other things, Dare by Grant Morrison – a chilling reinterpretation of the Dan Dare story – and The Science Service by John Freeman (who?), Kenny Penman has been working on a huge interview with comics creator and font designer Rian Hughes and the first part has now gone up on the Forbidden Planet International blog (with more to follow).

There’s some nice touches on Brit comics history throughout, and Rian supplied FPI with lots of very cool pics and art – more, blog head honcho Joe Gordon tells me than they could fit into the blog piece (he even had the receipt for selling his self-published Zit comics to Paul Gravett back in the 1980s). Those extra pieces of art have been uploaded to the FPI Flickr site

Yesterday’s Tomorrows is a real labour of love: i spoke with Knockabout publisher Tony Bennett in Bristol and he told me how he’d been comparing the cleaned up art Rian has delivered for the book with the original published pages, and there’s a huge difference to the quality of them. I know Rian’s spent over a year tracking down original art from collectors to scan from and although the final hardback costs and arm and a leg, I think it’s going to sell fast.

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