Ron Embleton art and more offered in this week’s Catawiki International Original Comic Art Auction

This week’s Catawiki International Original Comic Art Auction, running until Thursday evening (21st October 2021) features several items created for British comics, including art by Ron Embleton and Leslie Otway.

Two beautiful colour originals by Ron Embleton from an adaptation of Hans Christian Anderson’s ‘The Tinder Box featured in the magazine Once Upon a Time are among this auction’s offerings.

Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Tinder Box‘ - are by Ron Embleton for Once Upon a Time

The panels are exquisitely painted with Ron’s powerful style, bringing a mix of mystery and intrigue to the story, as the soldier meets The Crow Witch, who has lowered him down into some secret underground tunnels – and he is beginning to explore.

A page from the 1973 “Robot Archie” story published in Lion, “The Last World”, drawn by Ted Kearon, sees the mechanical marvel elude destruction once again!

Robot Archie - The Last World (Lion, 1973) - art by Ted Kearon

Featured in Look and Learn, “Maze Master” ran from Issues 459 through 472, drawn by Bill Lacey. In the strip, the Maze Master has chosen hero Adam Reid to face a series of Life or Death puzzles and questions.

“Maze Master” by Bill Lacey - Look and Learn, cover dated 19th December 1970

In the instalment offered in this auction, featured in Look and Learn cover dated 19th December 1970, he has gained access to an abandoned pirate radio see fort. There, fellow prisoner Murdo is being spun around a giant vinyl record player and is facing near certain death… Will Adam be able to save him?

“Maze Master” by Bill Lacey - Look and Learn, cover dated 19th December 1970

A fantastic evil robot is introduced at the bottom centre panel, setting them up for more danger, its design echoing that of Forbidden Planet’s Robbie the Robot.

Bill Lacey is known for his work on another Look and Learn strip, “Eagles over The Western Front”, collected by Bear Alley Books, among many other strips.

(The Illustration Art Gallery, by the way, has several other pages of this strip on offer).

Jose Ortiz is represented in this auction with an illustration for Once Upon a Time for the story “The Genie’s Challenge (1969/1971).

Once Upon a Time - “The Genie’s Challenge” - art by Jose Ortiz

A smashing page from the Princess Tina strip “Belle and Mamie”, drawn by Leslie Otway, is also included in this auction.

Princess Tina - “Belle and Mamie”, art by Leslie Otway

There are some terrific European artworks, too, including work by Andrei Arinouchkine, “His Majesty Thomas the Cat” (1990); a recent homage to Modesty Blaise by Giuseppe Candita; and an original painting by José González.

Andrei Arinouchkine - “His Majesty Thomas the Cat” (1990)
A homage to Modesty Blaise by Giuseppe Candita
A homage to Modesty Blaise by Giuseppe Candita
Art by José González
Art by José González

The full Catawiki International Original Comic Art Auction catalogue for this week is here – bidding closes 7.00pm on Thursday 21st October 2021

Be aware that selling and buying objects to or from the UK is now affected by changes related to the UK’s departure from the EU. Catawiki highlights items on offer from European sellers on its site, which will incur additional delivery costs. More information here

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