Rummaging Around in Alan Moore’s Shorts!

The Comics Forum has published the first in a series of articles about the short works of Alan Moore over on its blog. This series, cheekily entitled ‘Rummaging Around in Alan Moore’s Shorts’ has been guest edited by Maggie Gray, and comprises a wonderful selection of pieces on a wide variety of subjects.

The full list is:

  • Rummaging Around in Alan Moore’s Shorts’ (Introduction) – Maggie Gray
  • Doctor Who and the Genesis of Alan Moore’ – Lance Parkin
  • “Will You Listen to That!”: (Dis)Ability in Moore/Willingham’s ‘In Blackest Night’ – José Alaniz
  • ‘Alan Moore’s Lost Treasures: ‘The Bowing Machine’ & ‘The Hasty Smear of My Smile’’ – Marc Sobel
  • ‘The shadow over Northampton: the transmogrification of the Lovecraft mythos by Alan Moore’ – Daniel Leal Werneck
  • ‘Moore vs. Albarn: Between the Angels and the Apes’ – K. A. Laity

The series will be presented on the blog over the month of September; you can make sure you don’t miss any of the articles by checking regularly, or by subscribing to their RSS feed or email subscription service.

As always, any comments are welcome.

Comics Forum was established in 2009 as part of Leeds’ annual sequential art festival Thought Bubble, which takes place at various venues across the city every November. Taking the festival’s emphasis upon the educational value of comics as its starting point, Comics Forum aims to increase the visibility and accessibility of comics scholarship through an academic conference that brings together scholars, artists and fans in a spirit of mutual cooperation and development.

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