Scar Comics announces Madam Samurai sequel

Empire award winning screenwriter Gary Young (Harry Brown and Eagle Award winning artist David Hitchcock (Springheeled Jack) are combining their considerable talents once again for the return of the mute female warrior known only as Madam Samurai.

Since last year’s critically acclaimed debut fans of the first book, published by Britain’s Scar Comics, have been eagerly awaiting the chance to get their hands on the second part of the action packed graphic novel series, which is now available via this month’s Previews Catalogue from Diamond Distribution.

The final instalment of this origin story will not disappoint fans as Hitchcock and Young pull out all the stops to deliver a lavishly detailed adrenaline rush of a finale.

There will also be a special launch for the book at the Birmingham Comic Con 2011 on 27th August where fans will get the chance to meet and have copies signed by the book’s creators.

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