Secret agent “Velicity Jones” returns to Aces Weekly

The latest edition of David Lloyd’s digital anthology, Aces Weekly, Volume 54, has just launched, with “Round One”, available now.

In the mix is “The Diceman Affair”, a brand new Velicity Jones serial, starring the secret agent created by Lee Robson and Bryan Coyle.

“Velicity Jones - The Diceman Affair” by Lee Robson and Bryan Coyle

Targeted by the shadowy cabal known as The Dicemen, Velicity Jones finds herself in the crosshairs of six of the world’s deadliest assassins, all of whom are locked in a deadly race to be the first to eliminate her as part of a twisted game.

But when she decides to turn the tables, the world’s greatest secret agent discovers just how far The Dicemen’s influence stretches…

Lee kindly sent us the full story in advance of publication, and it’s another hugely enjoyable romp, as Velicity takes on a number of determined assassins… and tries to find out who hired them in the first place. Without giving things away, there’s a fun ending too, that fans of classic British adventure TV will love, leaving the door open for Velicity’s Next intriguing tale.

“This is the first of these we’ve done without Dave Evans [Bolt-01],” Lee tells downthetubes, “and it’s been a strange and bittersweet experience, to say the least.

“Not only was Dave our friend and regular collaborator on loads of different projects, he was an essential part of Velicity Jones,” the writer continues, remembering a much-missed stalwart of British independent comics. “He helped shape the tone and the voice of the series as we progressed, and we’ve really felt his absence while we’ve been working on this.

“We’ve tried to emulate what he did, in regards to the lettering etc., but, well, he’s left some pretty big shoes to fill and I can only hope we did him proud… and there is a little tribute to him, tucked away in the story, too.

“Bryan and I are going to donate what we get from ‘The Dicemen Affair’ to Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide, the charity nominated by Dave’s family.”

Initially created for Aces Weekly, Lee and Bryan now making older stories featuring this high octane pulp adventure series, featuring the world’s greatest secret agent available as stand alone, digital one shot comics. However, each new story will continue to debut in Aces Weekly.

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