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As part of this year’s All Hallow’s Read, a new Hallowe’en tradition started by Neil Gaiman in 2011 of giving away scary books on 31st October, top digital comics distributor SEQUENTIAL is giving away 666 copies of the acclaimed horror classic Strange Embrace by David Hine.

This is the definitive edition of David Hine’s Strange Embrace, a tortured modern gothic tale of madness, death and sexual longing. The world of Strange Embrace is one of pain and sorrow, obsession and damnation – a world that twists and pollutes the lives of all that enter it.

Sukumar helps with the deliveries for his father’s shop, and every Friday he takes groceries to an old, seemingly abandoned antiques shop. He has never seen the mysterious customer, but the dark, dusty shop is filled with strange, sculpted demons…

When Sukumar meets Alex, a manipulative, amoral psychic with an obsessive desire to discover the story of the old man in the antiques shop, he is plunged into a terrifying world of madness, murder, torture, psychological horror, suicide and damnation. Strange Embrace is frightening, shocking, chilling… and very strange.

This digital version, exclusively available on SEQUENTIAL, takes David Hine’s original black and white masterpiece and supplements it with a whole host of extra features, including audio commentary by David Hine for each and every comics page, pop-up pages showing artwork galleries, original covers, an interview with Paul Gravett, an academic piece – Visualising the Fantastic in Strange Embrace – by Marcus Oppolzer, and the original Strange Embrace scripts.

Normally $9.99 were following the simple All Hallow’s Read agenda: give a scary story to someone to read…

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