SF Author Tony Cooper launches “Powerless” comic Kickstarter based on his superhero novel series

Science fiction author Tony Cooper has launched a very modest Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to raise just £600 to publish a comic book based on his literary creations.

Powerless: Some Kind of Hero is a 24 page, full-colour comic featuring characters taken from Tony’s self-published Powerless and Killing Gods superhero novels.

Powerless: Some Kind of Hero - Cover Powerless: Some Kind of Hero - Page 15

In Tony’s version of Britain, although superhero teams were common before the 1990s, they have since been banned and all people with abilities are registered at birth, or when their powers manifest, and are regularly assessed throughout their lives.

State-sponsored teams do exist, although they are heavily regulated and work as part of local law enforcement on special cases. All other “Heroes” face either a life of discrimination or hiding in the shadows.

Powerless Novel CoverIn the novels, several characters have incredible powers – but they can’t tell anybody about them, because if they did, they’d lose their job and their friends.

Killing Gods Novel Cover“Your family would probably disown you,” Tony explains, “and you would more than likely end up in prison for concealing your abilities.

Written and drawn by Tony Cooper himself, if the funding bid is a success, his comic will be launched at the Mancunicon SF Convention on 25th March in Manchester.

“The Kickstarter goal is a modest £600 for printing costs only, with reward tiers ranging from a digital copy of the comic, all the way to digital and physical copies of the comic and all four of my books,” says Tony.

“The comic is a one-off, self-contained story based on characters and situations from my self-published superhero novels.”

In Powerless: Some Kind of Hero, Hayley Turner is a policewoman by day, a teleporting Hero by night, hiding her abilities from everyone she knows, unable (by law) to use them in public, and growing increasingly frustrated.

At night, however, she gets to be someone else. Working alongside her mentor Martin (an old 90s Hero she saved from certain death), they target organised crime. He is the only person she can trust in, the only person she can talk to.

She finally has some sense of purpose, but is it enough to resolve all of the conflicts she hides inside herself?

SF author Tony Cooper

SF author Tony Cooper

Born and raised in Scotland, Tony Cooper studied medicine before deciding to move into videogames for 16 years instead.

In 2013 he self-published his first novel, the superhero book Powerless, followed by the sequel, Killing Gods
, in 2014.

He has also released a short story collection The Resurrection Tree and Other Stories, a science fiction comedy novella called Higgs & Soap: Galaxy Delivery and is currently working on a third book in the superhero series.

“I started writing as a small child,” he says. “I was always coming up with fantasy and SF stories even then and was forever getting ‘is a daydreamer who needs to concentrate more in class’ on my report cards.

“But when you become an adult you are meant to stop all that silly stuff and knuckle down and study, do ‘real’ work, so that’s what I did. Until about 2010 or so when, bored with work for some time, I let myself start imagining again.

“The writing has always been there, I just became more serious and professional about it.”

Tony has always pursued an independent approach to publishing his books, reflected in his Kickstarter aims for the comic..

“There was never any part of me that wanted to go through the traditional publishing gatekeeper process,” he says. “As soon as ebooks and self-publishing became established, I knew straight away that that was how I wanted to do it.”

 • You can back Tony’s Powerless comic here on Kickstarter

• Tony’s Official web site is at: www.hungryblackbird.com | Facebook Page | Follow him on Twitter @_tonycooper | Smashwords

• He’ll be appearing at the True Believers Con next month – http://oktruebelievers.com

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