Shockwave Riders launches from Dan Dare artist Keith Page

Charlotte Corday - Shockwave Riders

It’s time for an all-new SF adventure starring Charlotte Corday, written and drawn by Dan Dare and Thunderbirds artist Keith Page, lettered by John Freeman – a newspaper strip-styled adventure, free to to read online.

In “Shockwave Riders“, Earth is under attack! But from who?

Keith promises a few twists and turns with this one, with plenty of great SF tech, too!

Check out the first episode over on Tapas, where you can also read a number of other Charlotte Corday adventures, including the recently-completed “Fulcanelli Conundrum” set in pre-World War Two Paris, and the SF-meets-Frankenstein skewed tale “Gothick“!

Inspired by the great British comics artists of the past such as Frank Hampson, Don Lawrence and Joe Colquhoun, Keith Page has worked full-time in comics and illustration for over 20 years. Subjects have ranged from television-related material such as Thunderbirds, science fiction, and his current war stories of all periods for Commando.

Check out the official Charlotte Corday Adventures web site here

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