Simon Wyatt’s Unbelievable gets New Publisher

Writer and artist Simon Wyatt has signed aboard with UK publisher Markosia Enterprises who will publish his story Unbelievable – The Man Who Ate Daffodils.

The story was orignally destined for release by the now defunct Insomnia Publishing.

“I’m thrilled that my beastly tale will finally be unleashed,” Simon, whose projects also include Danick and the Dragon for Orang Utan, told downthetubes.

“The first chapter of Volume 1 will be available for digital download sometime in the first quarter of 2011.”

The story opens in the remote mining village of Bryn Boncath has its share of stories, of local legends, of half believed histories. It is a close knit community, with closely guarded secrets and home to the orphaned Ben Ellis and his grandfather, Emrys, and it has become the scene of a series of bizarre and mysterious deaths.

A new neighbour has moved in. A man long thought dead has returned. Livestock are missing. There are noises in the night. People are afraid to go into out after dark and sightings of a giant hound, or maybe a big cat are on the increase once again.

Suddenly it seems to Ben that what he took to be the tall tales of his grandfather may be more than just stories. It seems that something is stirring in the forests and the mountains around Bryn Boncath. It seems that ancient history is repeating and this time round Ben has an important part to play.

Unbelievable is a dark masterpiece that weaves strands of Welsh legend, modern murder mystery and horror with a dash of crytozoology that wonders: What if seeing isn’t always believing, but believing will allow you to see?

Myebook - Unbelievable by Simon Wyatt - click here to open my ebookUnbelievable – The Man Who Ate Daffodils  is written and drawn by Simon Wyatt, lettered by Nic Wilkinson, with forewords by monster hunters/authors Nick Redfern (There’s Something In The Woods, Three Men Seeking Monsters) and Neil Arnold (MONSTER – The A-Z of Zooform Phenomena and Paranormal London).

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Danick and the Dragon (myEbook)

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