Sneak Peek: David Hine and Shaky Kane’s Cowboys and Insects

Cowboys and Insects - Cover

US independent publisher (and comic shop) Floating World Comics will release a one shot of David Hine and Shaky Kane‘s Cowboys and Insects in October, available to buy from all good comic shops.

In Cowboys and Insects, first published in the digital comic Aces Weekly back in 2013, Kane and Hine follow up their cult hit The Bulletproof Coffin with a haunting, paranoid tale of troubled romance in an alternative 1950s, where the Bikini Atoll nuclear tests have had an unexpected effect on North America’s insects.

This creepy, one-shot horror story has plenty of some savage swipes at stereotyping, crowd-inspired witch hunts, with plenty of acerbic humour you’d expect from this talented creative team. It’s not just 1950s America that gets it in the neck in this brilliant, dark tale of Big Bugs and the men who wrangle them.

Check out the preview pages below!

Floating World Comics, based in Portland, Oregon, is a store for people who still like going to stores, selling art books, international art magazines, graphic design, illustration, animation, music and movie related items – basically, anything that might serve as inspiration for creative people looking for something new.

They also have a gallery with First Thursday art openings and in 2008 they branched out into publishing with over twenty books now on their list including the brilliant BartkiraVideo Tonfa by Tim Goodyear and and Miss U.S. of Heya by Menorah Horwitz, which is released next week. They also publish art newspapers and comics including the resurrected Arthur Magazine (although that project is, currently, dormant).

Cowboys and Insects by David Hine and Shaky Kane, on sale 19th October 2016, is available to pre-order now from all good comic shops now, Diamond order code AUG161119

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