Sneak Peek: DTHRTL 3 To Be Launched At MCM Scotland Comic Con

Bob Turner Of Castle Rock Comics tells us that the third and concluding issue of his excellent silent comic DTHRTL (that’s “Death Rattle” for those of us who like to use vowels) will be officially launched at the MCM Scotland Comic Con being held at the SECC in Glasgow over the weekend of 24/25 September 2016 where Bob will be in the Comics Village.

DTHRTL follows our eyeball-headed hero (remember, the comic is silent so there are no character or location names) who has escaped the clutches of Death by winning at Rock-Paper-Scissors and who is now on a quest to find the hidden Death Rattle. The previous issue concludes with Death, annoyed at losing yet another game of Rock-Paper-Scissors, opening one of his purple portals directly under our hero’s feet.

This brightly coloured, 24 page, A5 comic is a remarkable mixture of Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal coupled with early video games as our hero travels his world trying to avoid Death himself. It has been a favourite here on downthetubes with two reviews of issue 1 here & here and our review of issue 2 here.

Our thanks to Bob for allowing us to run the first seven pages of DTHRTL 3 here on downthetubes as a Sneak Peek for readers.

There are more details of DTHRTL on the Castle Rock Comics blog and Bob Turner’s Twitter feed while printed and digital copies of DTHRTL 3, as well as 1 and 2 and other comics by Bob, are already available to buy from the Castle Rock Comics e-shop.

There are more details of the MCM Scotland Comic Con on the event’s website.







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