Sneak Peek: HERE & THERE – A Psychological Horror One-Shot Comic

HERE & THERE - CoverPitch perfect for the season, here’s a preview of a terrific new comic, HERE & THERE, seeking crowdfunding for HERE & THERE, about a man trapped in a coma, who traverses his damaged subconscious with a mysterious teenage girl to remember the truth about how he got there.

A a psychological horror one-shot comic by Chris Sides, Adam Jakes, Aljoša Tomić and Ken Reynolds, HERE & THEREwhich has already hit its target of just £800 on day of a launch, which is no surprise considering how stunning the art looks –  is a full-colour, 52-page psychological horror one-shot comic, intended for mature audiences.

(So be warned – there’s some swearing in the images ahead!)

I’ve had sight of the first 16 pages of this new comic, and it looks absolutely terrific. The art’s strong throughout, and there’s a strong blend of mystery with enough action and exposition to keep the story going without leaving the reader frustrated – a down side of a lot of comics set in a “nightmare” (if that’s actually what this turns out to be).

HERE & THERE - Sample 1

HERE & THERE - Sample 2

HERE & THERE - Sample 3

HERE & THERE - Sample 4

HERE & THERE - Sample 5

HERE & THERE - Sample 6“The story is about a personal journey of coming to terms with crippling guilt and how that manifests in horrific ways,” says Chris Sides. “It also deals with the themes of loss, responsibility, forgiveness, redemption and monsters ripping your eyeballs out.

In the comic, Eric Jacobs is a damaged man. With his body in a coma, he unwittingly ekes out an existence in an inescapable dream-state where he’s hunted by wave after wave of monstrous creatures. But with a cryptic message from ‘the outside’, Eric’s time is starting to run out…

“We felt HERE & THERE was the perfect book to attempt our first Kickstarter campaign,” says Chris. “It’s a one-shot, so it’s a completely self-contained story. We have more stories formatted in this way, and we’re hoping to build an audience on this platform that might help us to tell them.

“Our funding target has been kept as small as possible,” he adds. “It’s enough to cover printing and production of the rewards, as well as postage. Any additional money will help us increase the scale of production and get the book out to more readers. Plus we have some great stretch goals planned if we get there!

This one’s a horror comic well worth a look – so give it one!

Check out HERE &THERE on Kickstarter here

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