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Warning: Some Gruesome Panels Below!

Titan Comics releases a cracking graphic novel, Royal Blood  this week – and it’s on sale from comic shops and bookshops, physical and digital. They’ve kindly sent us a sneak peek, and here are the details of the title, the work of Alejandro Jodorowsky (The Incal) and Dongzi Lui, which was published by Glenat as Sang Royal in France to much acclaim.

Three volumes of the series have been published so far, with a fourth in the works.

Chilean filmmaker, playwright, actor, author, musician, comics writer and spiritual guru Alejandro Jodorowsky is a best known for his avant-garde films (including an aborted attempt to make a film based on Dune by Frank Herbert, that story revealed in a new documentary that got mired in objections to its screening last year from Mœbius widow). There’s a preview of the documentary here; it’s now been released on DVD and Blu-Ray in the US. The official web site for the documentary is here.

He started his comic career in Mexico with the creation of the Anibal 5 series in mid-1966 with illustrations by Manuel Moro and also drew his own comic strip in the weekly series Fabulas pánicas that appeared in the Mexican newspaper, El Heraldo de México.

After his fourth film, Tusk, he started The Incal, with Jean Giraud (Mœbius), a graphic novel that has its roots deep in the tarot and its symbols and formed the first in a sequence of several science fiction comic book series, all set in the same space opera Jodoverse (or “Metabarons Universe”) published by Humanoids Publishing.

Other action comics by Jodorowsky outside the genre of science fiction include the historically-based Bouncer drawn by Francois Boucq, Juan Solo (Son of the Gun), and Le Lama blanc (The White Lama), by Georges Bess. Le Cœur couronné (The Crowned Heart, translated into English as The Madwoman of the Sacred Heart), described as a racy satire on religion set in contemporary times, won Jodorowsky and his collaborator, Jean Giraud, the 2001 Haxtur Award for Best Long Strip.

He also collaborated with Milo Manara on Borgia (published 2006), a graphic novel about the history of the House of Borgia.

: Alejandro Jodorowsky Art: Dongzi Lui
Publisher: Titan Comics
Format: 112pp, FC, HC
SBN: 9781782760979
Price: $16.99/$18.99 CAN/£13.99 UK
Release Date: Wednesday 19th November 2014


Wounded, betrayed and left for dead, King Alvar returns to his kingdom to regain his stolen throne.

Hungry for revenge, Alvar finds himself in the middle of a bloody political game for power. To keep his throne he must crush his enemies who would destroy him with their machinations.

But his own horrific appetites may prove his undoing…




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