Sneak Peek: The Cosplay Journal Volume Two

Cosplay Journal Volume Two - CoverWith the success of the first volume, The Cosplay Journal team are back with their second edition, bringing even more of the amazing life of cosplay into focus.

The Cosplay Journal , published by Markosia and edited by Holly Rose Swinyard, is a coffee table periodical focusing on the Diversity and Craft of cosplay.

Cosplay Journal Volume Two - Sample Page

Cosplay Journal Volume Two - Sample Page

“We want to show that not only can anyone from any walk of life be involved in cosplay, but also that we are all capable of learning new skills,” says Holly, one of our contributors here at downthetubes, “creating amazing things and bringing joy into our own and other people’s lives through the art form of costume making.

“Going into the second volume, we wanted to dig deeper into what it means to be a cosplayer, and it turns out that it means an awful lot of different things to different people. People can build their life around cosplay in a way that very few other hobbies do, many even make cosplay into their lively hood, studying techniques, starting businesses, or going on to work in film, theatre and the arts.”

Cosplay Journal Volume Two - Sample Page

Cosplay Journal Volume Two - Sample Page

Cosplay Journal Volume Two - Sample Page

In Volume Two, there are interviews with Julie Morrisroe, who started up her own leathering studio after leaving teaching, and how, six years down the line, she is now one of the best known leather workers in the country, and Thom Wall, who pursued his dream of a model making workshop despite all the odds (don’t worry, it worked out well!)

But the cosplay lifestyle is not always a smooth path, as Vicky Magee, a cosplay disability advocate, and how cosplay not only changed her life, but how cosplay and conventions need to change to accommodate the disabled community within the cosplay scene.

For any of you who might be thinking that cosplay is all about dressing up, the Cosplay Journal is here to show you that there are many ways to be involved in the cosplay community. Photographer Xanthe Nimmo gives her six steps to becoming a crack cosplay photographer, and artist Hannah Alexander, author of Cosplay Concepts, reveals how she became one of the community’s most loved cosplay designers, having her designed cosplayed by the likes of cosplay superstar Yaya Han and Carma Cosplay.

The “Craft Focus” features return in this volume, with articles on Sewing, Armour Build and Photography. The Journal also delves into the world of competitive cosplay in their opinion piece and gives you a look into the everyday lives of the cosplayer, getting inside their work and head space to show you the hard work that goes into these wonderful creations.

All of this is accompanied by images of cosplayers from around the UK, showcasing the amazing skill and artistry that lives in this community.

Featuring stunning photography by head photographer Megan Amis, and secondary photographer, Laura King, in location shoots, The Cosplay Journal Volume 2 will be released by Markosia in both print and digital formats on 5th November 2018, and Volume One is currently available from Amazon, Book Depository, Wordery and other great stockists.

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