Sneak Peek: Tripwire magazine goes quarterly from May 2023

With three annual print magazines under their belt over the last two years and a 30th anniversary book published in 2022, the publishers of the long running, genre-spanning Tripwire magazine have decided it’s time to return to an increased frequency for their print edition.

Tripwire Magazine Issue 59 (2023) - Cover

The next 100-page edition, spanning comics, film, television and more, lands at the end of May, complementing the publication’s ongoing web coverage of entertainment industry news over at Tripwire’s home online at

“We hadn’t done a print magazine since 2011 when we came back in 2020,” notes publisher and editor Joel Meadows, “but it was such a success that we did another one each year after.

“With three of these out and the lavish anniversary book out last year, it seemed time to return to print in a big way. So from May, Tripwire the genre quarterly will launch.”

Issue 59 of Tripwire, launching 31st May 2023, offers 100 pages of comics, film, TV, art and illustration content with features, interviews, review columns and more.

“The first issue is a pretty packed one, under an exclusive Indiana Jones cover and feature looking back and forward at everyone’s favourite fictional archaeologist, previewing the latest film, Indiana Jones and The Dial Of Destiny.

  • Tripwire Magazine Issue 59 (2023) - Sample Spread
  • Tripwire Magazine Issue 59 (2023) - Sample Spread
  • Tripwire Magazine Issue 59 (2023) - Sample Spread
  • Tripwire Magazine Issue 59 (2023) - Sample Spread
  • Tripwire Magazine Issue 59 (2023) - Sample Spread
  • Tripwire Magazine Issue 59 (2023) - Sample Spread
  • Tripwire Magazine Issue 59 (2023) - Sample Spread

“Also in this issue is ‘40 years of Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi’, how comic artists utilise Wacom and Cintiq tablets to bring their work to life, a company focus on Ablaze, the return of Tripwire’s graphic novel review column, On The Shelf, a career interview with writer Tom King (Human Target, Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow), Tripwire’s greatest comic artists of all time part one, from the archive: and our exclusive archive chat with Stan Lee and Stripwire, featuring Kent Menace and more.”

Issue 60, out on 30th August, will celebrate 35 years of The Sandman with a look at the comic’s history, chats with creators pivotal to its creation and genesis and examining the TV show and the New York Times best selling audio adaptation from Audible.

The Sandman (Netflix)

The issue will also take a look at the history and influence of Lone Wolf And Cub, the Japanese cultural phenomena which broke out of comics, Stan Sakai’s Usage Yojimbo – and look back at the work of seminal Japanese director Akira Kurosawa, who influenced everyone from George Lucas to Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese to Francis Ford Coppola.

Then in November, Tripwire celebrates the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who, in Issue 61, on sale from 30th November, taking a look back at the Doctor in comics, TV and audio.

• Tripwire #59 is available to order now from Lunar and Diamond Comic Distributors | Cover price £7.50 UK/ $9.50 US, 100 pages

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