Secret origins revealed in upcoming issue of Defenders UK

A new issue of the Marvel Comics, and, more importantly for many downthetubes readers, Marvel UK-inspired digital fanzine Defenders UK is heading fans way this week.

Defender UK #5 Digital Fanzine - Promo

Issue Five of the not for profit zine, is written, drawn, lettered and designed by IzzY World, with a set of variant covers by Steve Andrew, who contributed to the current Vworp Vworp! Whozine.

The story is a homage to British football comic characters and strips, as well as delivering nods to VIZ, and featuring cameos from Doctor Who’s River Song and Sir James Jaspers from the 1980s Captain Britain strips.

Defender UK #5 Digital Fanzine - Sample Art by Izzy World

Issue 5, due for release on Friday – some Easter reading, then! – is set within the Captain Britain story “The Crooked World” – specifically, around the time of Sir James Jaspers anti-superhero speech, and the moments after where his powers are revealed, changing the type of wine he drinks and the days leading up to Sir James Jaspers warping reality to be in Number 10 Downing Street.

Defender UK #5 Digital Fanzine - Sample Art by Izzy World

While the comic is a set against that backdrop, it centres around a charity football game, where the two teams are made of youths from care or foster homes. Among them, Billy Knight, who was the baby that was discovered at the end of Issue 4 of Defenders UK. Jim Jaspers features throughout.

Defender UK #5 Digital Fanzine - Sample Art by Izzy World

If you’re a fan of Captain Britain, Marvel heroes and more, then do check out this continuity-threaded tale – particularly Defenders UK #3: “Have To Believe We Are Magic”, mashing the Braddocks with Bagpuss… sorry, Saggy Cat, Doctor Who and more. It’s a wonderful excursion through Marvel UK history, ingeniously delivered by the Avengers UK team.

These stories are all free to read on the Avengers UK Facebook page, along with all the inventive team’s range of Captain Britain/Marvel UK fan fiction comics.

You can find all back issues of Defenders UK as albums on the Avengers UK page on Facebook


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