Sneak Preview: Amazing and Fantastic Tales – Issue 5


Amazing and Fantastic Tales #5 - Cover

Amazing and Fantastic Tales Issue 5 (of 5)
An anthology published by Planet Jimbot
Produced by Jim Alexander and edited by Elinor Winter

This is the fifth and final issue of busy, busy Planet Jimbot’s mini series anthology run, and has all the hallmarks of this firm’s output: bleak, intelligent and well written. It contains two strips, one that continues from previous issues and one that’s a one-off. It also contains a great Western prose story featuring spot illustration.

This series has been a well crafted and tightly organised title that has included creators like Luke Cooper, Lynsey May, Will Pickering, Eva Holder, John McShane, Scott Sacket,  Jim Alexander and Ed Murphy.

Kroom: Gone to Space Dust


Kroom: Gone to Space Dust
Written by Jim Alexander
Art by Glenn B. Fleming

“Where is this place it reminds me of home.”

This final (for the moment) part of the story is split between two parts in this issue. It’s a mixture of colourful mystical science fantasy. Moody and vibrant, bloody and emotional, it looks and reads melodramatically grand in scale and it’s also creepy, in a pulpy sci-fi tradition. It is well worth getting the previous issues to catch up on this tale alone (there are some seriously disturbing moments!)


Facts of Life - Art by Jon Haward


Facts of Life
Written by Jim Alexander
Art by Jon Haward

“I am that man. The man who was taught the facts of life using a goldfish.”

This is a crackingly funny story about first loves that happen to come about because of the life lessons learnt from a couple of pet goldfish. It’s a once and done twist in the tail quick story in black and white. It looks and reads well with strong, full of character linework by Haward, whose work tops off a fine story.

The Last Posse - Art by Paulina Vassileva

The Last Posse
Written by Jim Alexander
Spot illustrations by Paulina Vassileva

“They were the stuff of nightmares. The stuff of damnation.”

This is the final part of a text story that makes use of some of the Wild West’s familiar historical characters. It’s spread out over two parts in this final issue. As a fan of 1970s dime novel Western novels this was a pleasure to read. Grand stuff full of over the top violence and hard man talk.

I got all five issues of Amazing and Fantastic Tales at once and loved the original quality of this series.This anthology has certain themes of über violence and adult material, but uses very different genres and mediums to communicate them.

Planet Jimbot continue to produce original and intriguing material month in and out. I urge you to follow their exploits on Facebook at  or on Twitter @Planetjimbot

This book will be getting its release in Glasgow (location to be confirmed) on Thursday the 7th May 2015.

• You can find Jim Alexander on Twitter @JimPlanetjimbot

• You can find Jon Haward at and on Twitter @ARTOFJONHAWARD

• You can find Paulina Vassileva at and on Twitter @pauscorpi

Many thanks for reading.

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