Webcomic Review – World of Grey


World of Grey - Sample Art


Written by Bobby Lucenti
Art by Brian Vander

Webcomic available for free at www.worldofgreycomic.com

The Story: Waking in a world far advanced than the one he remembers and bound with a highly advanced exoskin of unknown origins and seemingly unlimited potential, Jonathan Grey learns that fifty two years of his life has been lived…by someone else.  In his quest for the truth, Jonathan crosses paths with the likes of Kate Ambers, August Stowe and the Gentleman.  Who are these players?  Can they be trusted and what role do they serve in the Jonathan’s quest?  Find out in The World of Grey

World of Grey - Sample Art



The Review: When I got on the Tube this morning as part of my daily commute it was misty and cold. After a solid three hours sleep on a school night the morning felt drab, tiring and… a little grey?

This World of Grey is absolutely nothing like that! This World of Grey will kick you in your rotating Uranus and tell you to run for your life!

The book’s artist, Brian Vander, is a regular at a bunch of US conventions and I’ve had the pleasure to watch him work and see how popular his art is with attendees. Along with his high school pal Bobby Lucenti, they have created the first instalment in a sci-fi thriller. Bobby is likewise ambitiously shaping an intriguing epic story that feels personal yet widescreen all at once. It’s full of stunning images and brain twisting situations it’s the first in a proposed series that is getting an initial webcomic release before transitioning to a paper version.

It blends dystopian twisted sci-fi with adventure and action but maintains a mystery and a darkness to its pages.

It’s wholly original in design and approach and it’s a credit to the guys involved that they’ve released this early as a free download. It’s got a real pace to its pages and ends on quite a significant cliff-hanger.

A little Guyver, some Zardoz, some anime and some old school paranoid dystopian sci-fi. All crammed into a fast moving, head swivelling story. A really interesting and intriguing start that I cannot wait to see where it goes next! I urge you to have a look and follow the developments in this story.

• You can find Brian at the upcoming C2E2 in Chicago between the 24th and 26th of April and then he and Bobby will be at the New York Comicon in October. Pop by and say hi and get a commission from Brian

• You can also find Brian on Twitter @vander11chi and at www.brianvander.deviantart.com

Many thanks for reading.


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