Sneak Preview: Bertie Bear Issue 3

Bertie Bear Issue 3 - Cover

Words and Pictures by Andy W. Clift
Lettered by Jon Scrivens
Cover layout by Katy Morrison
Script Edited by Rachel Barber
Published by Bounce Comics

With the Thought Bubble Comics Festival in Leeds just around the corner there has been a ton of new books ready for a release that have been slid under a newspaper across a seedy bar my way to review. One of the ones that I was really looking forward to seeing was the new instalment of Bertie Bear.

Bertie Bear issue 3: The Dagger of a Thousand Souls drops us back in the action. Our hero and his (of course) sexy companion are on a quest for the aforementioned dagger. They find themselves all Indiana Jones in a temple of hidden traps and dark mazes. Rolled into this we get death around every corner, a big dose of snark and a couple of vampires. It ends on a suitable cliffhanger.

Bertie Bear Issue 3 - Sample Image

Bertie is the kind of comic that you read for fun. Plain and simple. He’s a hero that, like other comics characters of his ilk (Deadpool or Ambush Bug spring immediately to mind), loves to break rules and fourth walls. You never at any point think “He couldn’t kick your face in? He’s a flippin’ bear!?”. Bertie will, at certain points, look down the barrel of the camera and tell you what he thinks. He’s a sarcastic, practical ass kicking bear this one.

The art is the best I have seen of the series so far. Andy has a real grip on the movement and expressions of his bear and the rest of the art and some impressive backgrounds fall into place perfectly. As I flicked digitally through it I thought it might be a bit wordy but upon a proper reading this isn’t true. It’s wordy because it’s got a lot to say and there’s some really great dialogue.

Bertie Bear Issue 3 - Sample Image

Bertie Bear an adult book in many ways, but the sort of book that I would feel comfortable handing to my 17-year-old son and his mates. It’s the kind of book that you hand to your drunk pal when he pops round and spends the night on the couch. It’s the book that gets shared round your mates on a holiday. It’s got action and humour perfectly combined. A really great series that’s well worth your attention.

• You can find Andy at the Bounce Comics table in the main hall at Thought Bubble

• You can find Bertie the Bear on Facebook at and on Twitter @realbertiebear

• You can find Andy @andyWclift and Jon @jonscrivens

If you are at Thought Bubble this year make sure you say hello to me. I’ll be about most of the weekend @Ezohyez

Many thanks for reading.

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