Sneak Preview – Descending Outlands Issue Two

Descending Outlands Issue 2 - Cover

Descending Outlands Issue 2 – Cover

Written and Coloured by Shaun Dobie
Art by Samir Simao
Letters by Vincent Hunt
Cover art by Chris Imber
Published by Evil Kat Studios

The Story: “Get in. Get out. Get paid”. That was the phrase that Nate Avery and the crew of rogues aboard his spaceship, The Everett Young, lived by. No job for this lot of thieves was too big or too dangerous. Or so they thought.

Their latest heist brings them a heap of trouble. After getting hold of a cargo of unstable power they find themselves on the run from a corporate entity called ‘The Fountain’. They become involved in a heist and reluctantly hide in the only place that they can’t be reached. A place called The Outlands, home of thieves, assassins and opportunists.

Descending Outlands Issue 2 - Page 1


The Preview: Descending Outlands (first issue reviewed here) is an unashamed slice of pure space opera fun. It’s done with an eye to its specific section of genre, offering finely detailed and coloured pages and snappy dialogue. It grasps the concepts of tension and personal interplay and looks great for a book with small press roots. Easily in competition with books out of much bigger companies, it was great to hear Issue Two is already at the printers.

The story has elements of Blake’s 7, Firefly, Star Wars Han Solo character and Guardians of the Galaxy. Heroes that will keep shooting, kick your butt, look cool doing it yet have vulnerabilities. The Universe building shows detail amongst its vastness and has great moments of sparky design. This is the sort of book that I would have loved to read on long car journeys with my parents, a surefire cure for summer holiday boredom.

As with Issue One, this issue  is told in chapters that will at a later date fit into a bigger collection. It ends on a great cliff-hanger. Holster up!


Descending Outlands Issue 2 - Page 2

• The second issue is getting a release at the upcoming Melksham Comic Convention (Saturday 29th – Sunday 30th August 2015). If you can’t make it to Melksham then order your copy through

• You can find Shaun Dobie on Twitter @dobes2 and ask him about this new issue

Many thanks for reading.

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