Sneak Preview: iHero – Issue 2

iHero #2 - Cover

Written by Luke James Halsall
Art by Graeme Kennedy
Letters by Rob Jones

The Story: After the startling events of the first issue, we follow Sovereign and Icon as they continue to investigate the death of the creator of iHero, Jack Taylor.

What mysteries will they discover and how will Icon deal with his daughter Inamorata who just wants to be a normal girl? The iHero app can give people powers at the click of a button – but how will this change the world around them?

iHero #2 - Sample 1
The Preview: This is a book with Powers by Brian Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming written large across it in premise and art styles. It is well crafted and reads well. It has a certain vibe and a very proficient flow to the action moments. It makes use of the modern world and all its shallow trends. We hear mentions throughout of ‘photo ops’, ‘tagging’ and ‘home pages’. (Although I did find the use of Ant and Dec and ‘Britain’s Got Powers’ a little on the nose?)

iHero #2 - Sample 2

For me, the book doesn’t really find its feet until the final third and the story begins to focus on Inamorata. The writing really begins to centre in on her unease in her role as a super-hero. Her flight above the rooftops of London has a real poignancy to it and the second issue ends on a moment where you realise that there is more to her than meets the eye. iHero #2 - Sample 2
Luke is really shaping up to be a writer worth watching and I’ve enjoyed all his recent output. (His story “The Bullpen” in Avery Hill’s anthology Reads is superb stuff).

The art could do with a little tweak at moments (especially in facial expressions) but you do get a good action read that really looks like it will run and run into interesting developing twists.

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Check out Issue One on the Orb Comics site here

• You can find Luke on Twitter @LJHalsall

• Graeme Kennedy is @graeme_kennedy

• The mighty Rob Jones can be found @RobJonesWrites

Many thanks for reading.

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