Space Raoul Heads Stateside

(via Blimey! It’s A Blog About Comics): Jamie Smart’s Space Raoul strip, which has featured in The Dandy, appears in its own comic this October in a new comic from US publisher Slave Labor Graphics.

Part adventurer, part explorer, part Space Captain, Raoul, created by Jamie (also creator of Bear and who draws Desperate Dan for The Dandy), has previously appeared in The Funday Times (the Sunday Times comics section) and The Dandy. Like Gary Northfield’s Derek the Sheep for The Beano, Jamie owns the rights to his character, which will now feature in his own 64 page book from SLG, who also published his Bear comics.

Priced at $8.95 the book will be available in the UK on import from specialist comic book stores (not newsagents). You have to order in advance, or you could simply but it from the SLG web site on publication

Visit Jamie Samrt’s Official Web Site
Find out more about Space Raoul
View SLG titles by Jamie Smart

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