Spaceship Away Soars Again

Spaceship Away 20

The latest issue of Spaceship Away, the science fiction comics magazine inspired by and featuring the original Dan Dare has just gone to the printers and will be on sale in all its usual outlets, and online, soon.

This issue, with a superb cover from veteran Dan Dare artist Don Harley, continues two ongoing Dan Dare stories, “Green Nemesis” by Rod Barzilay and Tim Booth, and “The Gates of Eden” by Tim alone, a brand new Dare adventure strip, set a year and a half before “The Red Moon Mystery”.

“Garth: The Bubble Man” by Frank Bellamy, beautifully coloured by John Ridgway continues this issue, as does “Journey in Space: Planet of Fear” written by by Charles Chilton, and drawn by Ferdinando Tacconi. Also featured is the first part of “Homecoming”, an Ex Astris story by John Freeman and Mike Nicoll.

Feature wise, there’s a report on the recent Spaceship Away day event and full information on Alistair Crompton’s new book on Dan Dare creator Frank Hampson, Tomorrow Revisited, out later this year. Graham Bleathman providea a cutaway of Dan Dare’s spaceship, the Anastasia, and there are some images of the original models used in the creation of the Dan Dare strip back in his original Eagle days, and an update on Day2Day Trading’s new Dan Dare action figure which we’ve reported on here.

To order the issue online visit:

Dan Dare: Man from Nowhere Art
Dan Dare: Man from Nowhere Art

• While we’re on the subject of Dan Dare, comic fans may like to know he’s invaded France… sort of. A page of “Dan Dare: The Man From Nowhere”, first published in Eagle Volume 6, Issue 21, cover dated 27 May 1955 is currently n display at the Comics Museum in Angoulême.

downthetubes readers Chris Weston and Sean Phillips helped out with the identification of the piece for the Museum after an appeal for info from Paul Gravett.

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