Dan Dare Revived – in Bosnia!

plavi_broj_1_2010.jpgDan Dare is back in a regular comic – in Bosnia and Herzegovina. After a long time off the shelves, publishing company PrintMedia has just relaunched Plavi Vjesnik, which first published the Eagle space hero (and other Eagle strips) in the 1950s.

Plavi Vjesnik (which publisher Ivo Milicevic tells us translates as “Blue Herald”) was first published between 1954 and 1973 by publisher Vjesnik, and was has been revived sporadically since the early 1990’s. Plavi Vjesnik was the first Yugoslavian comic to contain Dan Dare reprints (or Den Deri, Pilot Buducnosti, as he was known), although other titles, such as EKS Almanah, Panorama and ZOV would bring the strip to all parts of the former Yugoslavia.

The new magazine also features reprints of Jeff Hawke, Garth and James Bond alongside humour strips Calvin and Hobbes and Frank Cho’s racy Liberty Meadows.

Strip Magazine Issue 51This new venture joins PrintMedia’s other titles, Strip Magazin – which has just passed its landmark 50th issue – and a Bosnian edition of Metal Hurlant (Heavy Metal).

• A web site for Plavi Vjesnik and Strip Magazine is in development

More about Plavi Vjesnik

Dan Dare in Croatia: A Brief Overview

The Croatian Mail: 2001/2002 Revival

Dan Dare: Safari in Space, recently published by Titan Books, features an article by downthetubes contributor Richard Sheaf on Dan Dare’s many appearances outside the UK

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