Spot the Difference: Scream comic art uncensored

Dan Dare art from 2000AD by Dave Gibbons

Dan Dare art from 2000AD by Dave Gibbons

Over on eBay, seller “Forbidden Box” is not only selling a smashing piece of 2000AD Dan Dare art by Dave Gibbons but also an early, uncensored page from the short-lived weekly Scream drawn by Jesus Redondo.

The Scream art from “Monster“, a strip originally devised by Alan Moore – offered for £350 – differs from the published edition in its depiction of the deformed, misunderstood “Uncle Terry” continuing the strangulation of Kenneth Corman into the final panel of the page.

Original uncensored "Monster" art by Jesus Redondo for Scream

Original uncensored “Monster” art by Jesus Redondo for Scream

Such a gruesome act was clearly too much for the management at IPC at the time, who ordered the dramatic sequence diluted for the final published edition with a re-working that makes it look as though Terry is patting down the scared teenager for sweets.

This is of course not the only instance of the management interference that hampered the comic, which was thoroughly documented in Hibernian Press’ Scream Comics Archive.

Of course, it could also be argued that given Scream used the “full script” method, and since the caption in both instances reads “As the creature’s hand fell away” and is followed by the boys speech (unhampered by strangulation), it seems in this case at least the change could also have been made to ensure the story is accurately reflected by the artwork rather than management censorship.

You can bid on this British comics rarity here on eBay – the auction closes on 7th July 2017

(With thanks to Richard Sheaf)

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