Star Trek pushed back to 2009

Paramount has shuffled the release schedule for several films, including the new Star Trek film, which is good news and bad news for fans.

Bad because the film has been delayed, which will dismay fans eagerly awaiting this Star Trek “reboot” (many do not consider tie-in fiction, be it books or comics to be new Star Trek. Their loss: there are some great books out right now, including the Klingon novel Burning House and the U.S.S. Excelsior book, Forged in Fire).

Good, because it’s an indication that the studio thinks this new film is strong enough to command good box office at a time when it will be up against other franchises and what are known as “tentpole” films studios hope will ensure strong box office.

Originally intended for Christmas Day release, the film is now set US launch on 8 May, 2009.

Star Trek is moving to summer because its has so much box office potential,” Paramount spokesman Michael Vollman said. “It does not need any script tweaks. They’re two-thirds of the way through shooting, and we would have delivered a great movie at Christmas.”

In a separate development, Paramount has also said it will delay the HD DVD release of Star Trek: The Original Series, Season Two to this summer.

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