Whatever happened to… Jerry Paris?

An early stalwart of Marvel UK was Jerry Paris, a regular artist on books such as Action Force and others (including this cover to the Spider-Man comic, published in 1984). Many MUK fans often ask us here at downthetubes what happened to him, as he seemed to have dropped out of regular comics work.

Thanks to Dave Hine, we’ve tracked him down and here’s a link to his blog, which includes some cracking art including a powerful Hulk versus Fantastic Four image. He’s still delivering the goods, working as a storyboard artist, book cover designer and more.

“The areas I specialise in are Character Design, Concepts, Comic Book Art, Hand Lettering, Book Design and Storyboards,” says Jerry. “I still draw on actual paper!!!– and often use real ink and paint before the work finally becomes digital.”

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