Steve McGarry charts the life of Sean Connery in digital “Biographic” for TinyView

Connery by Steve McGarry

Movies! Mobsters! Murder … and Manchester United! The story of Sean Connery, Scotland’s greatest superstar, and his journey from the tenement slums of Edinburgh to the pinnacle of Hollywood fame, is told by award-winning creator Steve McGarry in the new six-part comic series “Connery”.

The feature has been formatted to view exclusively on Tinyview, a new app designed to view comics in a scrolling panel format on mobile devices – but can also be viewed on desktop computers.

  • Connery by Steve McGarry - Sample Art
  • Connery by Steve McGarry - Sample Art

“Connery” is included as part of McGarry’s “Biographic,” a free weekly series on Tinyview that tells the life stories of stars from Dwayne Johnson to Gal Gadot and Cristiano Ronaldo to Ariana Grande in full colour comics.

Steve is the most syndicated British cartoonist. Based in the United States, he’s also the creator of the comic strip Badlands and a past contributor to Shoot and Match. His work also encompasses album sleeve design for Joy Division and storyboard artist (Minions, Despicable Me 2).

Steve’s many fans will know he is a dab hand at biographical comics, and this is no exception, with great art and wonderful stories about Sean Connery, charting his career from milkman to mega star.

Other creators in the Tinyview stable include Gemma Correll, whose army of social media fans numbers one million strong, and Nick Seluk, creator of the hugely popular webcomic The Awkward Yeti and the New York Times bestseller Heart and Brain.

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The platform also features In Science We Trust, a platform exclusive, offering true comic stories about astonishing discoveries and the people who made them. Stories so far include includes comics about Alan Turing, Ada Lovelace and Archimedes.

Tinyview, created specifically as a means to publish comics best viewed on a smartphone screen, is the brainchild of Rajesh Lalwani, who also wrote some of the In Science We Trust stories to introduce the Tinyview app, some written with his 12-year-old son Rishi, with strips drawn by artists that include Jack Richardson. (Other contributors on the series include Sarah Zielinski, Rodrigo Araya and Andy Warner).

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