Striker Complete Collection latest: Volume 19 available now

Striker: Complete Collection Volume 19: A Billion Burdens

Planet Striker has just released Volume 19 in a planned box set of 25 hardback volumes covering the entire Striker archive from 1985 to 2019.

The chunky hardback series collects every story published in The Sun and other outlets, creator Pete Nash telling an often hilarious tale of football shenanigans – although sometimes, reading the sports pages, you have to wonder how many tales were inspired by real world events!

Striker: Complete Collection Volume 19 features the start of an amazing new era for Nick Jarvis and Warbury Warriors. After coming out of hiding following the devastating loss of Li Ming, Nick receives some shocking news that will change his life…

Volume 19, a 240-page A4 hardback, costs at £28 for an unsigned copy and £32 for one signed by Striker creator Pete Nash and can be ordered here.

Striker first appeared as a daily comic strip in The Sun, Britain’s biggest-selling newspaper, on 11th November 1985 and is owned by its creator Pete Nash, a former Fleet Street journalist.

The strip has followed the adventures of its hero Nick Jarvis from his debut as a 20-year-old footballer to his present day role as the billionaire owner of fictitious football club Warbury Warriors.

Striker is unusual for a comic in that it is followed by a predominately adult male audience, with nearly 40 per cent in the 18-36 age group. Another feature that sets it apart from other strips is that its characters age in real time.

From its raw beginnings a hand-drawn, black-and-white comic strip, its style of artwork changed noticeably over the years until, in 1998, Striker became the first regular newspaper strip in the world to be created entirely in 3D animation software.

Every volume of Striker is still in some stock, from volumes including its early days as a black and white line art strip drawn by Pete Nash himself, and John Cooper, but do note there’s limited availability of initial collections. if you eant those, get them fast!

Check them out on the Planet Striker web site here

Check them out on the Planet Striker web site here

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