Superman and Marvel artist Marco Santucci joins Birmingham’s ICE event guest list

Superman pencils by Marco Santucci

Superman pencils by Marco Santucci

Spider-Man by Marco Santucci

Spider-Man by Marco Santucci

Continuing with their overseas guest announcements for this year’s International Comic Expo in Birmingham in September, the team have just announced Italian artist Marco Santucci – perhaps best known for his work on DC Comics Superman – will be a special guest.

Multi talented artist Marco Santucci was born in Arezzo in 1974 and started training himself in the world of professional comics at the tender age of 16. Just four years later, at the age of 20, he started his career working on Italian super-hero miniseries Nembo, published by Phoenix Publishing.

Within a short time he moved up the ranks at Star Comics, where he drew two issues of the series Samuel Sand while continuing to work in the graphic advertising industry.

Marco’s first real breakthrough came in 1998 with Sergio Bonelli Editore on the series Mister No – then America came a calling.

From 2008 to 2011 Marco worked for Marvel on Secret Invasion: Spider-Man, X-Factor, Siege: Spider-Man and the Captain America: Forever Allies miniseries as penciller and inker.

La Mandrogore by Marco Santucci

La Mandrogore by Marco Santucci

In 2011, he worked on a couple of volumes of the French series La Mandragore.

Today, Marco lives in Tscanny and he is still working for Sergio Bonelli Publishing and on series like Tex and Dampyr.

Superman - Wonder Woman by Marco Santucci

Superman – Wonder Woman by Marco Santucci

He is also currently wowing fans with his dynamic work on Superman for DC Comics.

He joins an already impressive guest list for this year’s event that already includes Dave Gibbons, Duncan Fegredo, Sean Phillips and many, many more.

ICE is an independently run comic convention brought to you by Event Director Shane Chebsey, who previously helped to organise now famous events like BICS and Comics Launchpad. Shane is helped by a dedicated group of staff and volunteers who love comics.

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