Sweatdrop Studios releases ‘Rising Stars of Manga’ podcast.

This month’s Sweatdrop podcast, published by UK manga publisher Sweatdrop Studios, is a special event, as each of the four presenters were previously winners of Tokyopop’s “Rising Stars of Manga” competition.

The creators talk about how they prepared and planned their comics, and what they went through whilst producing them. They also offer tips and advice for anyone who is entering Rising Stars of Manga or any other short manga competitions.

Sweatdrop Studios have been releasing podcasts for a while now, with three previous episodes covering UK events, San Diego Comic Con, and various Sweatdrop Studios members, as well as interviewing UK manga industry personalities such as Helen McCarthy.

Sonia Leong‘s Fatal Connection won second place in Rising Stars of Manga: UK & Ireland 1” while Emma Vieceli‘s Between the Lines was a runner up in the same volume. Selina Dean’s Poison won second place in Rising Stars of Manga: UK & Ireland 2, while Hannah Saunders’ Beyond won 3rd place. Morag Lewis’ The Homecoming and Joanna Zhou’s Happily Ever After were runners up in the same competition.

Sweatdrop Studios (www.sweatdrop.com) is a group of over 20 UK-based manga artists which has been operating for more than five years. They havepublished a number of anthologies such as Cold Sweat and Tears, Blue is for Boys and Pink is for Girls, as well as original titles such as Looking for the Sun by Morag Lewis and Fantastic Cat by Selina Dean.

Sweatdrop members Emma Vieceli and Sonia Leong also recently released Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet respectively with Self Made Hero, as well as working on original titles with Sweatdrop.

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