Tammy & Jinty Special 2019 Cover and line-up Reveal, Forbidden Planet Signing announced

Rebellion have revealed the cover of their eagerly-awaited Tammy & Jinty Special by Roy of the Rovers artist Lisa Henke, and more information on the content has now been revealed via Rebellion direct – and in an interview with editor Lizzie Boyle and writer Rob Williams conducted by Stephen Jewell online, ahead of coverage by Richard Bruton for the next issue of Comic Scene.

Tammy and Jinty Special

Initially a title whose content was very much in the traditional mould of British weekly girls comics Tammy, edited by Gerry Finley-Day followed by Wilf Prigmore, launched in February 1971 – but its fresh take on the genre and stand out art quickly proved it a worthy rival to rival publisher DC Thomson’s girls comics, such as Bunty, of the time. Jinty, best known for its science fiction stories such as the recently-reprinted Fran of the Floods, made its debut three years later in May 1974, and enjoyed a seven year run before merging with Tammy in November 1981, almost two years after another memorable girl’s title, the horror and fantasy story-packed Misty, had suffered the same fate.

Comic Scene publisher Tony Foster has run an interview conducted by Stephen Jewell about the Special running in Issue Five on the title’s web site as a taster of Things to Come in the comics magazine, and we now know the Special will feature a new look “Bella at the Bar” by Rachael Ball and Vanessa Cardinali, a new take on the classic strip set in the world of gymnastics.

Just like the Cor! & Buster Humour Special (still on sale but not for much longer!), this new 48-page title pulls characters from across Rebellion’s massive character portfolio, revamping strips for a 21st Century audience, which has proven an indisputable success for the new Roy of the Rovers.

Included in the Special’s line-up are two characters that first appeared in Sally comic – magic-wielding Maisie, of “Maisie’s Magic Eye” re-worked by the brilliant Kate Ashwin, creator of the superb Widdershins web comic, drawn by Kel McDonald, lettered by Mike Stock; and Justine Jones, the Winged Messenger of Justice – who shows up in Emma Beeby and PJ Holden’s “Some Mino Troubles”, coloured by Dearbhla Kelly and lettered by Jim Campbell.

Also in the line-up from outside the Tammy and Jinty titles the Special is inspired by is an appearance by Rocky of the Rovers, which sees Roy Race’s equally talented younger sister striking out in her own solo tale by Rob Williams and Lisa Henke, a character getting plenty of media coverage thanks to the free story running on The National Literacy Trust web site, as we reported here, to coincide with the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France this summer, published in partnership with The Football Association.

We also know of course, that Doctor Who artist Mike Collins has contributed to the Special, as artwork by him, running as a pin-up in the Special, featured on a previously-released “dummy” cover used to sell the title into comic shops. Kit Buss also provides back cover art.

Other strips in the Special are “Affirmative Action“, written and drawn by Andy W. Clift, lettered by Mike Stock; “In the Cold Dark“, written by Matt Gibbs, drawn by Assassin’s Creed artist VV Glass, lettered by Mike Stock; a roller derby-inspired story, “Speed Demons” written and drawn by Sarah Millman, lettered by Jim Campbell, “Duckface“, written by Rachael Smith with art by Yishan Li, lettered by Jim Campbell; and “The Enigma Variation” written by Grainne McEntee with art by Dani, lettered by Jim Campbell.

Tammy and Jinty have a lot in common but Jinty has a darker side,” says editor Lizzie Boyle. “So if there’s something with a supernatural twist or a hint of sci-fi, that’s inspired by Jinty, although you don’t get as much of the horror that you’d find in Misty … with Tammy and Jinty, they bounced between genres as there’s some domestic drama, some comedy, some sci-fi and some romance, so it’s more of an eclectic mix.”

Combining stories featuring some familiar faces to longtime girls comics fans like “Bella at the Bar” with brand new material sounds like a great take to us and, just like the Cor!! and Buster Humour Special, which has seen strong sales, fingers crossed this project enjoys similar news stand success and prompts much more of the same.

London’s Forbidden Planet have announced a signing to celebrate the release of the – Special with Lizzie Boyle, Kit Buss, Andy W. Clift, VV Glass and Jim Campbell at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on Saturday 22nd June 2019 from 3.00 – 4.00pm.

• Order collections of Misty, Fran of the Floods, Bella at the Bar, Cor and Buster and the Tammy and Jinty special here

Read the “taster” of the Tammy and Jinty Special feature in ComicScene Issue 5 here. The issue is out on 20th June and includes six strips including “Flintlock” and “Captain Cosmic”. Pre-order your copy here

Read the online Rocky of the Reds Story on the Literacy Trust page here

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