The Awesome Comics Podcast Catch Up – Don’t Miss their great ComicHaus Competition!

Awesome Comics Podcast - General PromotionIt’s time for one of my overdue Awesome Comics Podcast catch ups – but the main reason for this is to plug the terrific competition in their latest Episode (124)!

The ACP team – Dan Butcher, our very own Tony Esmond and Vince Hunt – are asking people to tell them what’s great about Small Press – to win a year free with comic book marketplace and upcoming comics app developer Comichaus.

Your entry can be written, art, in comic form, dance, mime – listen to Episode 124 for the details.

It’s a great episode – there’s some very interesting chat about developments behind the scenes on MCM, the mystery surrounding what might happen to next year’s London Super Comic Con, the future of conventions in general in the UK – and a chat with Ian Loxam, co-runner of The Lakes Comic Art Podcast.

Listen via the link below!

Episode 113 – London Super Comic Con 2017

Direct from the floor of the convention – comic creator interviews and more in the usual ACP style!

Episode 114 – Fantasy Comics! (w/MD Penman)

The gang are joined by MD Penman (Eimurian Tales) to step into the epic world of the Fantasy genre! From the mighty Conan to the political world of Westeros, all things fantastical are discussed, from the challenge of creating these vast world, character design and more.

Theres plenty of talk about Mark’s brilliant story Eimurian Tales and his process of creating a unique character-driven fantasy world and artwork. There’s also more Game of Thrones talk than we’ve ever had before, a game of ‘Is this Fantasy?’, some great listener questions and also a bit of video game talk too!

Plus an amazing intro courtesy of Scott Psionic!

Great stuff to check out: MD Penman, Eimurian Tales, The Waterbringer Volume 1, Vietnam Zombie Holocaust, Cult Empire Comics, Turok, Whispers in the Walls, Humanoids, Barbarian Lord, Mat Smith, By Chance or Providence, Becky Cloonan, The Marquis Inferno, Guy Davis, Berserk, Blade of the Immortal, The Legend of La Mariposa, Thought Bubble 2017, Nottingham Comic Con 2017, Nottingham Comic Con Charity KS Campaign

Episode 115 – Wine, Zines & Creative Collectives! (w/Bryony Evans and Claire Spiller)

Th the ACP crew are joined by Bryony Evans and Claire Spiller, two parts of the new comics and art creative Wine and Zine! They talk about the benefits of creators coming together to make and market comics, the organisation process, gender swapping characters and so much more.

There’s talk about Claire’s book Lost Light, Bryony’s upcoming Dog Charity zine, Thought Bubble, Donkey Wine, Cat Cafes, bad Google searches – and everyone apologises to Claire’s mum for their potty mouths. It’s a fun episode not to be missed!

Great stuff to check out: Wine and Zine, Bryony Evans, Claire Spiller, Lost Light, Swap, Doggo Fanzine, Digby is a Wizard, Pollquest, India Swift, The Girl and the Glim, Good Comics, Tracht, Sub Diablo: King Crab Kebabs, Darrel Thorpe, Thought Bubble 2017, Bristol Comic and Zine Fair, Nottingham Comic Con KS Anthology

Episode 116 – Webcomics and Digital! (w/Christina Major)

Webcomics are more popular than ever, and this week the ACP gang are joined by Christina Major, creator of the popular webcomic Sombulus and one of the admins for the Spiderforest comic collective! With lots of talk about web and digital comics this episode is certainly one for those readers/creators out there who are interested in the format. Its a hugely insightful discussion about digital over paper, quality control, patreon, web comics presence at conventions and more. Plus theres more great book recommendations as we look ahead to Thought Bubble 2017, some Bruce lee talk and a couple of the hosts keep quoting The Mighty Boosh!

Great stuff to check out this week: Christina Major, Sombulus, Spiderforest, Comic Rocket, Dolstan Monsters, NoBrow Press, The Wormworld Saga, Cindy and Biscuit: The Bad Girl, Dan White

Episode 117 – Comic Talk and Reviews Aplenty!

This week it’s just Vince, Dan and Tony. One has been to Thought Bubble, one has sat on the Iron Throne, and one has a bad cold and feels sorry for himself – and all three want to talk nothing but comics!

Great stuff to check out this week: Thought Bubble 2017, Cog Life, Medisin Vol 1, Impossible, Markosia Comics, Carthago Adventures, No Brow, Dalston Monsterz, Babyteeth, Aftershock Comics, Sexcastle, Kyle Starks

Episode 118 – Nottingham Comic Con and tons of comic talk! (w/Kev Brett)

With Nottingham Comic Con 2017 just around the corner, the ACP gang get one of the co-organisers (and comic book artist in his own right) Kev Brett to talk about the show. They discuss the journey of organising a proper comics convention, marketing a show, getting guests and more.

Plus there’s tons of comic talk too, from Kev’s own work, fantastic weekly recommendations, Pat Mills at Orbital, All Ages comics and theres dark re-imaginings of Roy of the Rovers and Dennis the Menace that have to be heard to be believed.

Plus, stick around for the out takes for a Dan Butcher original impression and Vince being highly (im)mature.

Great stuff to check out this week: Nottingham Comic Con, Kev Brett, Stuff and Stuff, Royal British Legion, MND Association, Stathern Childrens Holiday Fund, Orbital Comics, Bizarre Adventures of Gilbert and Sullivan, Laura Howell, Vision Volume One, Unpresidential, Boxes, Todd Oliver

Episode 119 – Wrestling and Webcomics! (w/James Lawrence)

This week, Vince and Dan are Tony-less while he’s in NYCC but they’ve drafted in James Lawrence (The Legend of La Mariposa) to talk webcomics, art process and wrestling!

The conversation drifts far and wide, with lots of handy webcomic tips and info from Dan and James, while Vince probes them for info in case he decides to launch one himself!

There’s also talk about how wrestling has been portrayed int he sequential medium, tons of great recommendations and towards the end Vince loses his mind and cant say anything properly.

Great stuff to check out this week: The Legend of La Mariposa, James Lawrence, La Mariposa Big Cartel, Vanguard, Eimurian Tales, Rachael Smith – Wired Up Wrong KS, Mossy, Glorious Wrestling Alliance, Nightmare Pro Wrestling, Fantasma, Super KO, The Legend of Ricky Thunder, Folklore, Land of the Witching Hour

Episode 120 – Convention Talk! (NYCC and NCC 2017!)

After a couple of weeks of convention going, the ACP trio are back to discuss what they’ve been up. Tony talks about his big trip to New York Comic Con this year, and then the gang chat about the recent Nottingham Comic Con and show off some interviews they got on the day.

Great stuff to check out this week: Nottingham Comic Con, Descending Outlands, Perrywinkle, The Axeman Cometh, Unfamiliar Skies, Brain Shoodles, Trolltooth Wars, The Cthulthiad, Comics Youth, Wired Up Wrong Deluxe Edition, Punisher Platoon

Episode 121 – A Trip to Rock Candy Mountain! (w/Kyle Starks)

This week the ACP gang are joined by the creator of listener favourite ‘Sexcastle’, Kyle Starks! He talks about his latest books Kill Em All and Rock Candy Mountain, his journey back into comics and some of his work process.

Of course, the conversation divulges into an all round classic action movie discussion. There’s also some brilliant books in the recommendation section and lots more!

Great stuff to check out this week: Kyle Starks, Rock Candy Mountain, Kill Them All, Sexcastle, Dead of Winter, The Ballad of Ricky Thunder, Rick and Morty, Devil Kickers, Midnight Man: Gunspace, The Valiant, Porcelain: Ivory Tower, Psycho Killer, Kaijumax, 4 Kids Walk into a Bank

Episode 122 – Halloween Special 2017 (w/Dan Charnley and Daniel Marc Chant)

It’s that time of the year again – its the Awesome Pod Halloween Special! This year they’re joined by Dan Charnley (Hel the Hunter) and Daniel Marc Chant (The Sinister Horror Company) for a talk about all things horror comics. The good, the bad, the ugly and more get discussed, as well as lots of brilliant stuff for listeners to check out, and stay tuned for the out takes at the end!!

Great stuff to check out this week: Dan Charnley, Dan’s Monsters, Daniel Marc Chant, The Sinister Horror Company, Devil Kickers, The House of Penance, Horrere, Witch Creek Road, Vampirella: The Warren Years

Episode 123 – Sequential Art Beyond the Page! (w/Darrell Thorpe)

This week the ACP gang are joined by comic creator, illustrator and enthusiastic mofo extraordinaire Darrell Thorpe (Sub Diablo) to talk about the art of comics away from the page! There’s discussion about art exhibitions, graffiti, artwork prints at conventions and much more. It’s a hilarious and sometimes NSFW discussion about a different side of comics.

Great stuff to check out this week: Darrell Thorpe, Sub Diablo, Robert Moses

Episode 124 – Comic Talk (w/The Comic Arts Podcast)

This week the ACP gang are joined by another comic loving podcaster, Ian Loxam from the Comic Art Podcast! With 2017 convention season pretty much done everyone talks about how the year has been, the ups and downs of some shows, the benefits of small events and more. There’s also some podcasting talk, Brian Michael Bendis, another great batch of recommendations for listeners and also some talk about Dan and Tony’s day at Wimbledon Comic Festival!

Great stuff to check out this week: The Lakes Comic Art Podcast, Wimbledon Comic Art Festival, Rik Jackson, Etherington Brothers, The Facts of Life, Breaks, Embellisms, Creating Character Arcs, Mann’s Best Friend, Mister Miracle

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