The Book Palace deep discounts last few English language copies of fantasy epic, “Storm”, co-created by Don Lawrence

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If you’ve been enjoying The Rise and Fall of The Trigan Empire collections from Rebellion, then you may also want to check out the fantasy epic, Storm, English language collections now on offer for half price, from The Book Palace.

We’ve featured items on this adventure strip, first published in Europe between 1982 to 2003, many times on downthetubes.

Following his departure from “Trigan Empire” in 1976, when Look and Learn‘s publisher IPC refused to raise his page rate despite the strip’s pan-European syndication success, artist Don Lawrence began work on Storm for Oberon (Big Balloon).

Co-created with Martin Lodewijk, all 23 stories drawn by Don are available in English language limited edition deluxe hardcover collections, translated by Steve Holland, complete with background information and behind the scenes art, from the Don Lawrence Collection.

Right now, though, The Book Palace is deep discounting its remaining stock of The Storm Collection. Be warned, even with the 50% discount, these huge, sumptuously produced books still aren’t cheap, but if you want to enjoy some stunning fantasy storytelling presented with care and with quality firmly in mind, you may just have to dig deep and consider purchase.

The print run on this series – 12 book sets also available, a snip at £899! – was limited to just 500 copies in English for each volume. Each 100-page volume has a leatherette cover with gold stamped artwork and a bound-in ribbon bookmark, and is printed on 150gm coated paper.

Some volumes have already sold out at The Book Palace, or soon will, so your only place of purchase then will be via the Don Lawrence Collection or the secondhand market.

Check out available editions of The Storm Collection here on The Book Palace

Check out all editions of The Storm Collection here on The Don Lawrence Collection

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