The DFC Library Regenerates In August

FHSThursday 1 August 2013 sees the release of six titles from the DFC Library, the book publishing spin-off from The DFC comic, including a strip not previously reprinted, Jamie Smart’s Fish Head Steve!

The predecessor to The Phoenix, The DFC ran for 43 weekly issues between May 2008 and March 2009 and ten of its comic strips have been published as hardback books, two by Print Media, Frontier and Mirabilis, and eight by Random House’s DFC Library imprint to which they then added an extra title which had not been originally published in the comic.

The original nine DFC Library titles were (in alphabetical order) –

  • Baggage by Robin and Lorenzo Etherington (the one strip that was not actually in The DFC itself)
  • The Boss by John and Patrice Aggs
  • Good Dog, Bad Dog by Dave Shelton
  • Mezolith by Ben Haggarty and Adam Brockbank
  • Mo-Bot High by Neil Cameron
  • Monkey Nuts by by Robin and Lorenzo Etherington
  • The Spider Moon by Kate Brown
  • Super Animal Adventure Squad by James Turner
  • Vern And Lettuce by Sarah McIntyre


Five of these titles are now being re-released as DFC Library softcovers – Good Dog, Bad Dog, Mo-Bot High, Monkey Nuts, Super Animal Adventure Squad, and Vern And Lettuce (with Sarah McIntyre adding a new, more detailed, cover of her favourite sheep and rabbit).

In addition to these five reprints, a sixth title which was in The DFC but not previous reprinted, Fish Head Steve! by Jamie Smart, is also being published in softcover.

As well as these compilation books, which are readily available, it is not well known that some DFC characters were also used as part of the Bug Club reading scheme for primary school children in books published by Pearson Education Ltd. There are more details of the Bug Club books on the Etherington Brothers blog.

dfc bug club 1s

• There are more details of all the DFC Library titles on the Random House website

• There are more details of Frontier and Mirabilis at the Print Media UK website

DFC Library Reviews on downthetubes

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