“The House of Dolmann” hardcover with Chris Weston art still available from Treasury of British Comics

The first collection of The House of Dolmann is available to pre-order now from the Treasury of British Comics web shop – and if you’re quick, you can still grab a copy of the exclusive hardcover edition there, featuring art by Chris Weston.

“The House of Dolmann” hardcover with Chris Weston art

They may be little but their war on crime is anything but small… Written by Tom Tully and drawn by Eric Bradbury, “House of Dolmann” centres on crime-busting inventor and expert ventriloquist Eric Dolmann, who has created a small army of robotic puppets to help the forces of law and order fight back against crime. Whatever the situation, Dolman has a mechanical warrior perfectly suited to get the job done!

From the safety of his flying ‘Dolmobile’, he directs Raider, Elasto, Mole, Togo and Giggler into action! Occasionally they will question his judgement and bicker amongst one another – even though they aren’t capable of independent thought!

Collecting stories from Valiant from the 1960s, this new 144-page collection is out on 14th April 2022 and will be available from all good book and comic book stores, online retailers and the Treasury of British Comics’ webshop, and digitally through the Treasury webshop and the 2000AD app.

The paperback comes with a classic cover by legendary artist Brian Bolland, while the webshop exclusive hardcover sports a brand new cover by Judge Dredd and Invisibles artist Chris Weston.

Get The House of Dolmann webshop exclusive hardcover with this amazing Chris Weston cover here

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The House of Dolmann
by Tom Tully (Writer) and Eric Bradbury (Artist)
Out: 14th April 2022, Paperback, 144 Pages
ISBN: 978-1786184917

Writer Tom Tully in 2001. Photo: MEGADETHTHRETH

Tom Tully was one the most prolific writers ever to grace British comics. His diverse portfolio of work was produced over four decades. Born in Glasgow, Tully entered the industry in the sixties when he began working for Fleetway. One of his earliest strips, “Heros the Spartan”, ran in the original Eagle and was illustrated by the great Frank Bellamy.

He also wrote “Mytek the Mighty” (Valiant, reprinted in Vulcan) and “The Steel Claw” (Valiant, Vulcan) in the same decade. The 1970s saw Tully work on a variety of significant stories including “Adam Eterno”(Thunder), “Johnny Red” (Battle), “Harlem Heroes” (2000AD), “The Leopard from Lime Street” (Buster) and “Roy of the Rovers” (Tiger), the strip he worked on longer than any other writer.

Eric Bradbury began his comic career at Knockout, working on such humour strips as “Blossom” and “Our Ernie”. He moved onto the adventure western, “Lucky Logan”, sharing art chores with Mike Western (Bradbury would go on to ink Western’s pencils on “The Leopard from Lime Street”).

High profile work on “Mytek the Mighty” (Valiant, Vulcan), “The House of Dolmann” (Valiant), “Von Hoffman’s Invasion” (Jet!), “Death Squad” (Battle), “Hook Jaw” (Action) and “Doomlord” (Eagle) followed. Bradbury has been described as an “unsung hero” of 2000AD, having contributed to many popular strips in the long-running sci-fi comic. His credits in the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic include “Rogue Trooper”, “Tharg the Mighty”, “Invasion 1984” and “The Mean Arena”.

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