The Kitten Problem

Garfield animated cartoon writer Mark Evanier (also writer of the brilliant Groo comic and more) is having a hard time trapping a stray cat he’s (sort of) adopted — as much as you can adopt any cat.

His aim is to do the right thing and have it spayed, but despite taking food from him for eight months or so, it’s proven remarkably savvy about what might be about to happen to it. You can read his diary of the experience here.

Good luck, Mark! Given the reproduction rate of feral cats and the problems they can cause (bless ’em), you’re doing the right thing, honestly. I speak as someone who has rescued a stray myself in the past.

Other celebrity cat adopters I know include J. Michael Stracyznski and others – mainly SF writers by the way, is there some unwritten law?

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