‘The Mob’ comics project raises money for cancer charities

The Mob - work in progress - by Dave Kirkwood

The Mob – work in progress – by Dave Kirkwood

The Mob is an A3 drawing made in six weeks during July and August this year, the brainchild of Dave Kirkwood and others with the aim of raising money for cancer charities. Over 1,400 people, including many celebrities, showed their support for people coping with cancer on Twitter and Dave created a tiny individual toon character for each person. The character holds up the Twitter name of each Mobster.

Now, a print of ‘The Mob’ is being offered for sale, along with a micro comic about its making, via IndieGogo (the project is fully funded – you just have to pledge support to get a copy).

“The goal was to fill the A3 page – we did that easily,” says Dave. “Stephen Fry, Ricky Gervais, Jonathan Ross, plus over 30 other well known people are in there too.

“We now have over £9,500 in the bank which more than covers print, fulfillment, postage and packing, photography etc and gives us thousands to donate already. Our aim is to sell every print and booklet and the artwork within the next 60 days.”

“At the end of 2011 the courageous battle of Issy, the 15 year old daughter of a good friend diagnosed with cancer of the spine), inspired the 3hundredand65 project where I tried to teach myself to draw in a year by making a comic book on Twitter one day at a time, one tweet at a time,” says Dave, explaining some of the background to the project. “It was a personal challenge to learn to draw and a way of raising cash for teenage cancer charities.

“The Mob fills the gap between the online version of 3hundredand65 and the book and auction of The Mob art next year.”

It was Issy who chose the three charities The Mob project would support: Teenage Cancer Trust, Cyclists Fighting Cancer and When you Wish Upon a Star.

“During the making of the mob I lost someone very special to me,” Dave continues, “and the world lost Jon Brookes. I dedicate Micro Mob to Cath and Jon, you can dedicate your print to anyone you choose – the mob is for everybody coping with cancer.”

Every print comes with a 16 page leaflet where you’ll find the story of the mob, pictures from the making, shooting and printing of “The Mob” and a fantastic competition with your chance to win a box of professional artist pencils from Derwent Pencils worth £196.

The original drawing will be on show at this year’s Lakes International Comic Arts Festival, and will be auctioned at the 3hundredand65 art auction next year, again for cancer charities.

• Read the full story about this project and a complete list of names of those featured: http://davekirkwoodstudio.wordpress.com/2013/07/30/micro-flash-mob/

• There’s also a 1920 x 1080 px Mob Desktop Wallpaper is free but Dave would love you to use this link and consider donating at least £1 to the mob. DONATE HERE

• The 3hundredand65 project story created in 2012 is here: www.3hundredand65.co.uk Twitter @3hundredand65

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