The Webcomic List Awards 2010 Nominations Start November 8th

Launched last year to replace the now defunct Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards, the Webcomic List Awards exist to recognise the best that online comics have to offer and nominations are open to everyone involved in the creation, promotion or distribution of comics.

The categories covered in the awards are:

  • Best Comic
  • Best New Comic for webcomics launched on or after the first of November 2009
  • Best Colour Art
  • Best Black and White Art
  • Best Non-traditional Art, covering all artistic techniques other than conventional drawn images, such as photography, pixel art and 3D art
  • Best Writing
  • Best Character
  • Best Gag-a-day Comic
  • Best Longform Comic

Nominations will run from the 8th November until the 20th December after which the comics with the highest nominations will be handed to a panel of judges who will pick the winners in each category to be announced in an online illustrated ceremony on the 31st January 2011.

The Webcomic List ( is a Webcomic listing site, news portal and community forum launched in 2003 which lists and monitors over 16,800 online comics.

“Judging this year’s awards are a selection of prominent web and print comic creators, as well as community organisers,” explains Wendy Wood, head of this year’s TWCL Award committee.

Judges confirmed for this year include: Scary-Go-Round and Bad Machinery creator, John Allison; Screenwriter, novelist and former editor of Judge Dredd Megazine and 2000AD, David Bishop; DC, Marvel and Image Comics veteran Kurt Hathaway; Rob Tracy, founder of; Melissa De Jesus and Ed Power, creators of the syndicated strip My Cage; Zoe Robinson and Luke Surl of the Webcomics Company podcast; creator of the webcomic My Cardboard Life, Phillipa Rice; Online Comedian Dr. Stuart Ashen; and  Tom Truszkowski, creator of Station V3, Z7, Silence in the Darkness of Q16 and Ebb’s Children.

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