UK Artist Matt JOnes launches toy range

Tea making, toy producing, resin casting, sketch book doodling artist Matt JOnes (AKA Lunartik – he likes to be called Matt JOnes with a large JO) has been designing Vinyl Toys for about seven years,  making custom pieces for all sorts of exhibitions and customers. Now, he’s launching his own range: a new Mini Vinyl Toy called “Lunartik in a Cup of Tea” with the tag line… One Cup is Never Enough.

“I’m well known in the toy industry for working very long hours and make nice things for nice people with a good eye for detail,” says Matt. “Hence the name Lunartik – like the moon, staying up every night!”

Before he releases the toys, he’s showing off his Special Brews, one per week, on his web site. Matt tells us the toys will go on sale proper with a big launch party and toy signing in London. (More details on that coming soon).

• The Mini-Teas will be released soon. Pre-orders Page where you can reserve your cups today –

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