This week’s BEANO celebrates “The Art of Breaking Rules”

This week, the BEANO is celebrating The Art of Breaking the Rules exhibition at Somerset House, London, with a tie-in cover and strips.

Photo: Danny Pearson

Behind a great Dennis and Gnasher cover by Nigel Parkinson, we’re treated to a smashing mix of your favourite strips, including “Roger the Dodger” and “Calamity James” written by Danny Pearson with art by Barrie Appleby and Leslie Stannage respectively.

Inside, the Dennis story started next week, which saw him taking on painting in a very special story, continues.

Combining classic and current BEANO comic art with some amazing modern work, the Somerset House “BEANO – The Art of Breaking the Rules” exhibition, which runs until next April, is one no fan of the weekly humour comic will want to miss.

This huge exhibition takes up multiple rooms, exploring all aspects of the BEANO and its impact on modern artists.

In BEANO 4111…

The Artful Menace!

Dennis is being a bit arty! Beanotown Urban Museum of Modern Art is having its grand opening tonight! And the kids are being taught that art has no rules – which is Dennis’s speciality!

Gaming Wars!

Oh no! Bananaman has overheard General Blight’s new plans to take over the world. The only thing that will beat them is Bananaman’s awesome game playing skills! (I guess that means General Blight wins then… – Ed).

Sleep over!

Yeti’s been sleepwalking again – will he manage to not wake everyone in the house? In Yeti’s dreams, maybe! In real life – there’s no chance!

PSM – Pumpkin Spice Minnie!

Everyone is getting pumpkin obsessed – it’s everywhere and in everything. Minnie wants a slice of that pumpkin pie, so she and Francis are creating their own line of merchandise with extra pumpkin!

Bottoms Up!

Cuthbert’s parents are causing trouble this week – and it’s all about language! They’ll be getting to the bottom of it, no ifs nor butts about it!

Check out the BEANO online at

Beano: The Art of Breaking the Rules runs until 6th March 2022 at Somerset House, London

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