Hawk the Slayer returns – with Garth Ennis and Henry Flint at the helm

It’s surely the most unexpected announcement from 2000AD publisher Rebellion yet, but the company has announced a left field foray into licensed comics. The Oxford-based publisher has commissioned a continuation of the story that began in the cult 1980s movie Hawk the Slayer – with Preacher and The Boys writer Garth Ennis at the helm, and Henry Flint on art.

A six-issue mini series available through comic shops will begin next April with what Rebellion describes as a bumper 32-page issue, featuring art by “Judge Dredd” artist Henry Flint and covers by Magic the Gathering artist Greg Staples.

The series will also run as the bagged supplement with issues of Judge Dredd Megazine from January.

The mini-series is a direct continuation of the movie, which saw Hawk, played by John Terry, who – with his flying ‘mindsword’ and mismatched allies – sets out to rescue a nun from his own deformed brother Vultan, played by Jack Palance at his scenery-chewing worst. Now, it seems that their victory was not all it seemed and greater battles lay ahead…

Shot in six weeks in Buckinghamshire for £600,000, Hawk the Slayer, directed by Terry Marcel, is one of those legendary 1980s films that has had an influence far beyond its initial debut, inspiring others to create their own fantasy films, and more. Since it first hit cinema screens, it’s gained a huge cult following, perhaps most visible in the form of an official Facebook group.

Garth Ennis has been a massive Hawk fan since he was a child, as has the head of Rebellion, Jason Kingsley, who cites its influence as one of the reasons he ended up becoming a knight in shining armour (no, really!). Other fans include comedian Bill Bailey, actor Simon Pegg and musician Rick Wakeman.

Jason has also previously supported an attempt to deliver a sequel to the film, Hawk the Hunter, back in 2015. The proposed continuation was the focus of an unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign to secure 20 per cent of a planned £5 million budget. Back then, as co-producer, The Guardian noted Rebellion had signed up to produce a Hawk game and a putative range of books or comics, and to provide CGI and funding for the sequel.

Terry Marcel also revealed plans for a TV series, “the third part of the trilogy”, called Hawk the Destroyer, which he believed could run for five years.

Jason Kingsley described the original Hawk as “a touchstone” of his life and said he was “delighted and slightly awed” to be part of the new venture – and it’s clear from comments made on the official Facebook group that his enthusiasm remains undiminished.

“You might like this!” he declared. “I do.”

While Rebellion has of late focused on developing its own IP in new comics and collections, it’s clear the company isn’t adverse to the occasional licensing deal, albeit a strange one in this case. Hawk the Slayer has a dedicated following who may well have the influence, despite previous disappointment, to make the new comic a success, as does Garth Ennis.

So, despite, perhaps, being an unusual choice compared with other fantasy films, books and games out there, perhaps there’s a success story in the making here, too…

Hawk the Slayer #1 will be available from 13th April 2022 and will be available to order through Diamond Distribution’s Previews magazine

Hawk the Slayer is available to buy here from AmazonUK (Affiliate Link)

Hawk (John Terry) is a man of courage, honour and duty; a marked contrast with his deformed, cruel and perverse older brother Voltan (Jack Palance), who wears a black mask to disguise the fact that he bears the mark of Cain. When Voltan slays their father, Hawk is entrusted by the dying man with his magic mind-sword, with which he vows to avenge his death.

Hawk the Slayer – Official Facebook Group

Buy the Hawk the Slayer Blu-Ray (Network edition) | DVD

Special Features:
• Original theatrical trailer (HD)
• Raw textless elements (HD)
Clapperboard:Revenge by the Sword
By the Sword Divided – candid on-location interviews
Sharpening the Blade – behind the scenes
• Image gallery (HD)
• Original script PDF

The Guardian – Hawk the Slayer is back – and he’s brought his mindsword (6th July 2015)

Heropress: Hawk the Hunter fails to fly (2nd October 2015

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Hawk the Slayer is distributed by Park Circus

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  1. I had to chuckle when you described a 32-page comic as a bumper issue, as that is the standard page count here in North America. I Also recall a point in time when a boys adventure comic, at least one from Fleetway, was 40 pages.

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