Thomas Wogan Is Re-Published

Thomas Wogan is Dead - Tabella CoverAny comic creator out there who wonders if it’s worth self-publishing will be pleased to hear that sometimes all those hours slaving away at the photocopier, then stapling comics together until you’re sick of the sound of the ‘ker-chunk’ as you put another copy together, can pay off.

We present as evidence David Hughes Thomas Wogan is Dead, which we reviewed back in January. Publishers Tabella picked up reprint rights to the quirky tale set in Morecambe (and the hereafter – although is there a difference?), and a spiffing new edition of the tale goes on sale at the Birmingham International Comic Show this weekend.

We’re pleased to report that the downthetubes review had a small part in the process, and wish both David and Tabella the best of luck with the new edition.

“There are some differences to the original version, the most noticeable of which, I feel, is the addition of a commercial font,” says Dave. “I gave this some serious thought after Tabella suggested looking at the lettering. I think I’ll keep my own lettering for some projects and use fonts for others, they’re certainly not as emotive, but they offer a regularity and overall look which lends itself well to certain projects. I definitely think they work here.”

Thomas Wogan is Dead is available from Tabella Publishing for £5.99: more details here

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