Tube Surfing: Davison Who Art, Time Bombs and Herbbs!

al_davison_doctorwho.jpg• As part of the A Thing About Machines electronic Arts Festival, dedicated to the innovative composer Delia Derbyshire who composed the Doctor Who theme, The Tin Angel in Coventry screened films by local filmakers, including the premiere of comic creator Al Davison‘s new film Trinity. Meanwhile, Al’s Doctor Who exhibition is on till 3rd October at Coventry’s Lock Gallery, featuring art from his IDW Doctor Who comic.

• A new 28-page chapter of the time travel graphic novel The Fat Man by Thomas Cochrane has gone live this weekend over at

• Fans of Rodrigo D. Ricci’s Ligeia the Vampire, which also features on British mobile comics site ROK Comics, can download the Ligeia the Vampire’s official wallpapers, this time starring Edgar the Cat from the strip’s official web site here.

issue-8-cover.jpg• Along with hundreds of other creators, the makers of magical mystery strip Harker will have a stall at the Birmingham International Comics Show this coming weekend. “We’ll have copies of every issue so far (including issue eight, hot off the presses),” says writer Roger Gibson, “and we’ll also be launching Harker: The Book Of Solomon – our first 122 page graphic novel, collecting issues 1-6.” Issue 8, available to order on the Harker online website from Tuesday, here on the comic’s official web site, will also be available in a number of comic shops, all listed here.

• Talking of BICS, Time Bomb Comics tells us they’ll be there, marking the occasion with the release of the dark, apocalyptic 100-page original graphic novel The Furies, written by Steve Tanner with artwork by Andrew Dodd, the first graphic novel to be released from the two year old company.

Time Bomb Comics will also have previews available of a few of their forthcoming projects including Bomb Scares, an anthology that promises disturbing horror stories in a twisted vein, featuring work from brand new talent such as Katja Lindblom and Rachele Aragno to established creators Gary Crutchley and Shane Oakley; and London Calling described as an “Ealing Studios meets Hammer Horror in a uniquely British one-shot featuring art by well-known Commando artist Keith Page.

• Writer Stephen Paul Coffey reports The children’s book Rosemary Herbb and the Zodiac Ghosts is now for sale on This book tells the very first tale of Rosemary Herbb, an 11 year old girl who is able to see ghosts. “The book is perfect for readers for all ages and a great gift to children,” says Stephen.

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