Three-mendous! New issue of Moose Kid Comics released

Moose Kid Comics Issue Three - CoverMoose Kid Comics, the free online children’s comic, is releasing its third annual instalment! Featuring 36 artists, spread across 36 full colours pages, it’s available to read online or download from

In our third issue you’ll find the titular Moose Kid worrying about his looks, and asking an inept wizard for help! Plus, there’s space robots, disgusting aliens, furious badgers, superhero grannies and dinosaur princesses… phew! And that’s just for starters – Moose Kid Comics Issue Three is another bundle of gloriously chaotic fun.

Veteran comic artist Tom Paterson rubs shoulder with a host of new talent for the latest issue of Moose Kid Comics

Veteran comic artist Tom Paterson rubs shoulder with a host of new talent for the latest issue of Moose Kid Comics

Moose Kid Comics Issue Three - Viv Schwarz

Art by Viv Schwarz

Moose Kid Comics Issue Three - Alan Ryan

Art by Alan Ryan

Featured this issue are strips by (commence drumroll…): Tom Plant, Andreas Schuster, Jess Bradley, Mark Stafford, Gary Northfield, Aaron Alexovich, James Downing, Hamish Steele, Chris Garbutt, Rick Eades, Viviane Schwarz, Warwick Johnson-Cadwell, Alan Martin, Stephen Waller, Alan Ryan, Rachael Smith, Matt Baxter, Andrew Waugh, Tom Paterson, Rikke Asbjorn, Jonathan Edwards, Feltmistress, Rianne Rowlands, James Lawrence, Craig Knowles, Emily Kimbell, Steve Tillotson, Luke Hyde, Alex Dempsey, Aaron Blecha, Roger Langridge, Jack Teagle, Aisyah Stevens, Marc Jackson, Vincent Woodcock – and Jamie Smart, who also edits the whole caboodle.

Moose Kid Comics Issue Three - Emily Kimbell

Art by Emily Kimbell

Moose Kid Comics Issue Three - Roger Langridge

Art by Roger Langridge

Jamie Smart  has been a full time comic artist for about 15 years. He worked extensively for The Dandy, writing and drawing “Desperate Dan” for five years, before moving onto “Roger The Dodger” for The Beano. He also created “Space Raoul” for The Funday Times, “Fish-Head Steve” for The DFC, “Count Von Poo” for TOXIC, and is currently work on both “Bunny Vs Monkey” and “Looshkin” for The Phoenix.

Alongside this he has released a number of children’s books (Bunny Vs Monkey books One, Two and Three, Find Chaffy One and Two, Where’s The Doctor), some more grown up books (BearKochi Wanaba), and worked on a handful of different webcomics. He also spent some years working in show development with Cartoon Network.

Moose Kid Comics Issue Three - Young Tank Girl“We wanted to mix it up a bit this issue of Moose Kid Comics,” Jamie tells us. “We have a lot of artists from previous issues, including Tom Paterson, Roger Langridge, Viv Schwarz – not to mention Alan Martin and WJC creating another exclusive Tank Girl prequel for us.

“But we were also keen to get new artists involved too, bringing their own unique, original characters into the fold.

“Not only that, but we’ve been playing around with the format too,” he adds. “We have a fantastic double-page poster spread filled with 29 aliens to identify, all created by Aaron Blecha. And Marc Jackson helped us create a mini-comic, something readers can pull out or print off and fold into their own comic within a comic. Alongside this we’re posting comic making worksheets up on the website that people might like to try.”

If you’ve come in late, (perhaps you’ve been living on Mars or under a rock) and only just heard about Moose Kid Comics, then you’ll be delighted to hear Issues One and Two, not to mention the Christmas Special, are all still available to read, or free, alongside Issue Three.

Plus, there’s details of the team’s recent fundraiser for children’s comics in hospitals.

“At the end of 2015, we ran a fundraiser to help us get printed copies of Moose Kid into hospitals and to charities,” Jamie says. “We raised over £5,000, way more than our target, our campaign was featured by Wired and The Guardian, and as a result we have been spending much of 2016 sending thousands of beautifully printed oversized comics to children who desperately need cheering up.”

And what lies in store for the future of Moose Kid Comics?

“There’s so much talent involved in what we’re making, so many magnificent artists and creators, we need to keep showing the world how incredible a children’s comic can be,” Jamie enthuses. “We’ve had initial discussions with publishers about possibly taking the title on, and I’m keen to push those further.

Moose Kid Comics was intended to show how engaging children’s comics can be, how hugely entertaining to all ages. With Issue Three, I think we’re really making our point now.”

“Comics, especially from fresh, original, artists, have the power to not only entertain but do real good in the world,” he tells us (as if we needed telling, but some folk do). “That’s what Moose Kid Comics will continue to try and do.”

• Head over to Moose Kid Comics and grab you free comics now!

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