Thunder Brother: Soap Division hits a Six

Thunder Brother: Soap Division Issue 6

The latest issue of Paul Rainey‘s glorious Thunder Brother: Soap Division is now available. Issue six features “House of Tiny Tearaways” which is the concluding half to last issue’s story “Mind Your Language”. Can Thunder Brother extract some unwelcome visitors from the real world out of one of Britain’s most popular soap opera’s before they cause irreversible damage to the show?

This issue’s extras include Goddard and Prisk Are Now Investigators of the Paranormal and another episode of .Ghost.Zombie. both of which are also written and drawn by Paul, who’s also recently managed to become an occasional contributor to Viz. (His character, 14 Year Old Stand-Up Comedian, appeared in issues 226 and 227 while The Charlie Brooker Story is scheduled to appear in September’s issue).

The new issue of Thunder Brother: Soap Division is available in both printed and digital formats and can be ordered directly from ‘the shop’ link at Paul’s website

A longtime web comic publisher, Paul recently made the difficult decision to stop posting weekly updates of Thunder Brother: Soap Division to his website in the face of declining visitor numbers (in marked contradiction, it seems to good sales of the comic).

“Suffice to say, my enthusiasm for the strip is as virulent as before and that the definitive method of delivery will be the print edition from now on.” says Paul. “Having said that, digital versions of the comic are available

“If you’re a comic reader who prefers to experience their reading material in a format compatible with their mobile or tablet device, all five issues of Thunder Brother: Soap Division are now available as pdf files for you to buy and download. Each pdf features exactly the same content as the printed version; a complete Thunder Brother: Soap Division episode plus all of the previously hard to find or unseen extras such as additional artwork and comic strips by me.

“Each issue is 24 pages long, is in full-colour throughout, costs just £1.50 (wherever you are in the world) and is available now via my new store:”

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